The Southern Sooner truly would not be possible if it weren’t with the help I have received from my amazing friends who have done so much to help me get this blog up and running.

The first thanks goes to my incredible friend Kate who does all the beautiful graphic design work you see on and off the blog. She lets me nitpick and brainstorm my vision and graciously complies. She is even the mastermind behind the name of the blog, which I immediately fell in love with as soon as she mentioned it. Needless to say, I would be struggling if it weren’t for her and her willingness to help.

My next thanks goes to those who help out with the photography for The Southern Sooner:

Kayla Ratliff, who so generously does the photography for The Southern Sooner.

My sister Shannon – check out her website The Vivid, an ethical fashion blog

Megan Ross who shot my beautiful senior pictures which make up a lot of the pictures you see here on The Southern Sooner.

And last but certainly not least, to all of you readers. You’re what makes The Southern Sooner so worth it and fun for me to do. I write each post with you in mind, and every like, comment, and share means the world to me as I progress through the beginning of this journey!

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