saying goodbye to the southern sooner

Well, in a sense.

This website will stay up for a while, but it will be reverting to this summer and will no longer be my primary website – BUT FOR A GOOD REASON!

I have officially registered my wellness coaching business as an LLC. To say I’m stoked is an understatement! But, for sake of ease, I’m consolidating the websites. All current and future blog posts will now be found at, along with appointment scheduling capabilities.

While I almost kept the Southern Sooner linked to my health coaching business in some way, I wanted to have a name that stood out in a unique + powerful way. Hupomone is Greek for perseverance/endurance, and the mission of Hupomone Wellness is TO ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER CLIENTS TO TAKE CONTROL OVER THEIR WELLNESS JOURNEY; to leave societal lies about health behind and make your wellness journey truly yours in the most sustainable way possible and persevere through its trials.

If you have been following The Southern Sooner, I would love to have you along for the ride as I start this next chapter. It’s the amazing followers, readers, and supporters are who/what have encouraged me to take my blogging and wellness profession to the next level. While some of the style/structure will be changing, my hope is to continue to maintain the fun, transparent atmosphere that love so much about The Southern Sooner. It will always be a part of me – I don’t think I’ll never NOT think of myself at The Southern Sooner because it’s laid such an incredible foundation for my God-given vision + purpose.

Be sure to join the mailing list at to stay up to date with the Southern Sooner/Hupomone Wellness community!

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