bachelor live blog: peter, finale

I’m not ready for this. Yet I am, because I have to know how this dumb sh*t ends.

Damn, his parents hopped off the Madi train real fast. But bravo to Peter for sticking up for their relationship.

Is it just me or is Hannah Ann being very diplomatic? Not that I think she’s being insincere at all, but you can definitely tell she rehearsed in the mirror several times.

Peter only has eyes for Madi and it makes my heart melt

Barbra is already so cold towards Madi and we do not stan.

“What was the road block” yeah… let’s put poor Madi on the spot about Peter’s sex life?

Peter’s only conflicted because he knows he loves Madi and y’all are being judgy af.

Hey Madison, if you’re reading this, I would like to be your friend.

How is Barb going to grill Madi for her spirituality and then sit here and use it to tell Peter he should pick Hannah Ann???

Peter’s family is so concerned about their differences… but here’s my thought process. If he loves Madi so much and is making the decision to choose her despite the differences they all see, that should mean something. Especially when he could easily choose Hannah Ann if he didn’t want to live with the differences he and Madi have. Why would they want him to choose Hannah Ann when he knows his heart isn’t 100% in it? Because that seems like more of a recipe for disaster than going into a relationship with Madi where his heart is fully in it, even knowing all the differences there would be. He knows he could choose Hannah Ann if he didn’t want to deal with the lifestyles, but the fact that he knows he can and doesn’t want to should say something!

How can they compare this to Hannah B? He had no control over Hannah’s decision, whereas Peter is now able to make the decision for himself and his heart.

Barb is so manipulative and these tears are unreal!!! She is gaslighting her own son!!!

Sparkling apple juice!!! lol

This conversation between Madi and Peter hurts to watch. Like I feel physically pained seeing Peter love her so much.

I honestly just care about the kangaroos during this date.

Well maybe if the Webers hadn’t scared off Madi then Peter would have stuck with his initial decision!!! You can’t!!! Force!!!! Love!!!

Barb openly likes Hannah Ann more than Peter, homie’s about to be disowned.

Hannah Ann out here telling it right how it is. Can’t say much about it other than nod. Ya fricked up, Peter lol

What if Kelley is just a red herring to distract us from what’s really going to happen.

There is too much going on in this finale and my head HURTS

Also, Peter is pretending to be surprised to see Madison even though he has a mic on? *

* Apparently he thought it was Chris, never mind.

Barb seriously has the most hateful heart towards Madison and I have never loved Madi more for taking her beatings with such grace and poise. She probably deserves better than his family, but they are adults making an active decision to work through their differences. Let them live their life!!!!!

And anyway PETER SR, no relationship is ever easy?? You can’t write it off because the beginning isn’t perfect.

Overall, all I have to say is that I love Peter and Madi together, even if they do have their differences, and I love that they both are standing up for each other and the relationship they both want to pursue. They are adults and can make their own decisions to enter into a relationship to see where things go despite their differences. And it’s not like Madi told Peter “you have to be like this for me and give this up and give that up,” Peter is openly WILLING to want to be the man she wants and that’s different!!!

Barb’s just scared because she knows Madi won’t be manipulated by her and isn’t going to be a sheepish girlfriend/wife/whatever. Madi is a QUEEN and Barb is SCARED. Barb is cancelled, Madi is the new Weber Queen.

Well. That’s it on Season 24 of The Bachelor. Looking back, I don’t know if I can say it was worth the stressful Monday nights and the ridiculously petty drama, but at least Peter ended up with a good one, even if the road there was a little iffy. Hopefully there will be much more to see of Madi + Peter because I really do wish them all the best!

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