must-have apps for any blogger

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to visuals, especially with the blog. I hate to say it, but online, I’m definitely guilty of judging a book by it’s cover because if a website or social media feed doesn’t feel very appealing, odds are I’m not going to stick around very long. I like to make sure my content has a consistent theme, and the following apps have helped me do that!

Adobe Lightroom is my preferred photo editing app because I love how much control I have over the photos. I personally like to brighten/under-saturate my pictures, and Lightroom gives me the ability to manipulate the colors the way I want to. From what I understand, Lightroom Mobile doesn’t require a subscription in order to make edits. Shameless plug, but don’t forget to check out my custom-made Lightroom presets on Etsy!

If you’re after consistency, whether it be in terms of visuals or scheduling, I 10/10 recommend Planoly. It’s similar to Tailwind, but I’ve come to prefer Planoly – the app itself is just so clean and aesthetically pleasing, and you can use it to post to your Instagram feed + stories, and Pinterest (with a paid subscription). I normally don’t like having to subscribe to apps, but I love Planoly enough to fit it into my budget because it’s been so helpful in keeping my feed looking pretty + boosting my Pinterest numbers. You get access to analytics + their blog, too, so you can create more of a strategy with your socials.

While we’re on the topic of Pinterest, my go-to apps for making visually pleasing graphics is Canva + Word Swag. I like using Canva for the design element, but I like the fonts better on Word Swag. I usually make at least two graphics per post, just to make sure it gets exposure, because sometimes one graphic will flop while the other one grabs more attention.

Lastly, stories! I’m a sucker for a pretty Instagram story, and I don’t feel like the features on IG hit the spot, so I like to use Unfold, Stories Edit (part of Planoly!) and Stories Swag (motion text, part of Word Swag) – I tend to use them in combination with each other!

For any big graphics design projects, I still go to Kate – but these apps have helped me immensely with getting the daily basics done on my own time and keep it from looking like I simply just “threw something together.” It’s taken some trial and error to find my personal aesthetics, but something that catches other’s attention.

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