bachelor live blog: peter, week 9

Oh boy, here we go into yet another week of the mess that is Peter’s season. I’ve traded in the rosé for a protein shake because #health. However I’m not sure the anger and frustration I have swelling up in my heart over Victoria and her verbally and emotionally abusive habits might not exactly be the healthiest, but whatever. I’m here to feel better about my own life decisions by watching this chaos.

“You know how much you mean to me, Madi [but I still wanna bang other people]”

In this conversation, though, did Madi express that she doesn’t plan on being sexually intimate with him either? Like she almost made it sound like “you can sleep with me but no one else” when her main concern is that she doesn’t want that to be a part of the relationship until marriage… period? I feel like that would have changed the tone a little bit but maybe that’s just me. Fantasy suites always got me feelin awkward and unsure, y’all lol.

This whole living together during fantasy suite week is a pretty low blow from the producers if you ask me.

I’m seriously so hungry and a fricken PIZZA commercial came on, I can’t deal.

*ditches jet ski in the middle of the ocean*

At least he and Hannah Ann can drink champagne without it being a “finasco.”

Did the producers decide to team up on poor Madi and said “yeah, let’s psychologically torture the most genuine person here, that seems good”

“She’s wanted to walk away but hasn’t” Peter she’s literally walked away physically and mentally on several occasions.

I just don’t understand why she’s getting so defensive!!! And anyway, you can’t say “my last relationship didn’t make me feel worth it” but then not be able to explain how. Like okay, that sucks, but there has to be a reason why you feel that way and your dumb butt just got away by not answering by whining and crying. I’m done.

Me pretending to be shocked that Peter behaves like all other men and only thinks with his Lil Peter.

“you look so skinny” IT’S BECAUSE ALL SHE EATS IS LIES

Peter really chose the ugliest polo for his date with Madi tho.

I respect Madi for having the standards that she has, but I feel like she should have mentioned all of this a lot sooner, and I also question why she thought signing up for The Bachelor of all dating methods was a great idea? The whole show is him making out with you and 20 other girls for 3 months.

However, bless her heart for doing her best trying to stay true to herself and what she wants. I can tell she’s honestly trying to abstain from being judgmental. Madi is queen and we must protect her at all costs.


But, of course, I have a lot of thoughts on this situation.

First of all, NO ONE should be comparing Madi to Luke P. Madi is in no way shaming Peter for choices he made – you can tell from the way that’s she’s struggling to find her words that she genuinely cares for him and that she’s at war with herself how she can keep him without feeling like she’s compromising what she wants in a relationship; whereas Luke was aggressive and dominating in his conversation with Hannah. These two cannot be compared and I don’t want to hear any of y’all talkin’ smack about our queen.

Second, I know I mentioned that for someone with such high standards in regards to purity in a relationship, it was an interesting decision to go on The Bachelor of all dating methods considering the nature of the show. However, she was honest with him before the week started. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it an ultimatum because I truly believe from what little I know about Madi on a personal level that she wasn’t doing it from a place of control or manipulation. But, in the end, he did have a choice to make – either he loves Madi as deeply as he claims he does to want to not want to compromise what he has with her, or he could be with the other girls and risk losing her; and obviously, he went with the later. I’m not saying he doesn’t love her, but I would think if he loves her as much as he’s saying, he probably would have approached the week a little differently knowing what he did.

I don’t think anyone can particularly blame Madi for feeling hesitant about an engagement knowing that the man she loves slept with two other women the week beforehand. The process of the entire show is so unconventional that honestly, I would think the fact that he just finished dating 20 other women over the last 3 months would be enough for me to not necessarily trust the foundation of the relationship, let alone feeling/knowing that their love for me wasn’t strong enough to not want to cross certain boundaries with other women, even if their allowed to or simply want to.

But anyway. That’s my two cents – we can agree to disagree, and that’s fine!!! But, until next week when the Women Tell All!

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