the southern sooner is on etsy!

Happy Monday, my loves! This is going to be a super brief update, but I just wanted to share that The Southern Sooner is officially on Etsy! For the last couple of months I have been tweaking + testing out Lightroom presets and I’ve finally posted them! I’ve had a lot of positive feedback so I’m super excited to be “open for business!” So far there are only three, but I will likely create and upload more as time goes on, so you will notice there is a new page linked in the menu at the top of the page so you can get easy access to whatever is available.

This will also be fun because I love to do hand-lettering projects, too, so hopefully I can start to branch into that whenever I can get some samples up and running.

Here are some exclusive before + afters of the presets!

Golden Hour

Increases brightness and adds a nice golden glow to photos. Increased orange hues to appear more tan – intensity varies depending on lighting. Adjustments can be made to any filter!

Muted Tones

Decreased saturation on reds + oranges to create a silvery tone. Creates a deep contrast between darks + lights.

White Out

My favorite preset for any interior design photos. Created with the white farmhouse theme in mind, this filter drains yellows + reds out of images for a cool toned, bright white look.

Each preset can be purchased individually for $4 or as a part of the value pack (all 3 for $10!) The disclaimer is that since they are digital downloads and there is no way for you to return the DNG file(s), there are no refunds. Every photo is going to turn out a little different, but all filters can be tweaked + adjusted once the filter is applied to the photo.

You can search thesouthernsooner on Etsy, or go to my shop directly though this link:

I hope y’all enjoy this expansion of The Southern Sooner – I know I’m excited! Tag any photos you use the filters on with #southernsoonerpresets so I can see your gorgeous pics!

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