bachelor live blog: peter, weeks 7 & 8

bachelor live blog: peter, weeks 7 & 8

pic: instagram

I apologize that last week’s live blog is so delayed – with how this season is going, I think I needed a mental break from all the drama that I heard ensued. So, I decided to combine weeks 7 and 8 into the same post. I watched Week 7 at work this morning and plan on watching hometowns live with lots of rosé in hand.

Of course it’s starting to get to the point of the season where hearing spoilers is inevitable so I don’t know what to believe, but I mean, I’ll be upset if Peter doesn’t pick Madison.

I’m really intrigued that Natasha has made it this far without a one-on-one – I’m sure it happens more than I realize, but I’m still slightly confused yet impressed.

Sitting here watching this faux-friendly convo between Hannah Ann and Kelsey like:

I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone act so excited to go to Iowa lol

I would grill Kelley for acting so cocky, except she’s not wrong. Victoria and Hannah Ann just aren’t good fits for him – and I’m tired of their dang tears!!!!

I am so tired of Victoria having melt downs about literally everything. Get a backbone, hunny.

Victoria saying Peter’s the one in the “mood?” GIRL, you cry every damn date. Give me a break.

Aight, walking Victoria to the car to give her a rose was a weird flex but… okay.

Okay… wait. You… Peter… I – I’m done with your decisions. Clearly you’re only interested in marrying childlike women, I vote Kelley for Bachelorette.

And can we talk about that God-awful cry Hannah Ann just had?

Out of this remaining group, it’s either Madison or bust. These girls are so cringe-worthy, I’m cryin.

Golly there are so many tears in Kelsey’s household.

I really can’t get over how adorable Madison is, holy wow.



The only thing I like about Victoria is her dog and even he deserves better.

“A life with Victoria would never be boring” well yeah, because she’s emotionally abusive and psycho.

Victoria said “let’s get a country singer in here that’s not an ex boyfriend” lol

Blurred-out Marissa is the hero we needed to nip this god-awful relationship in the butt.

Is… is Victoria even really related to any of these people? She doesn’t look anything like them!

I am choking on my spit watching this argument. She is crazy and I’m just… !!!! oh my godddd.

She’s actually blaming him for being justifiably concerned? He’s trying to have a logical, mature conversation and she is GASLIGHTING HIM AND VICTIMIZING HERSELF TO KEEP FROM GIVING A STRAIGHT ANSWER like… I –

Oh my god she’s such a psycho. She’s so emotionally abusive it’s insane. My mind is actually blown.


“I don’t know what to do” well hunny maybe if you acted like an adult and just talked things out then you wouldn’t be in this mess!!!

Fast forward to the rose ceremony and I’m sorry for my language but bitch what!!!??

I’m not Kelsey’s biggest fan either but even she deserved to stay over Victoria!!! Victoria is the new Jed and we do NOT stan!!!!

I think my neighbors are watching because at the same moment I screamed “NOOO” I heard a guy scream “YESSSSS” so idk. Should I go ask? *

In the preview for next week’s episode: where the HELL does Victoria get off calling Madison disgusting after her own damn behavior??? I can’t. I will have a stronger drink for next week’s episode.

*Update, I ran into the neighbors outside when I went to grab something from my car and they confirmed they were, in fact, watching The Bachelor. I only almost had to throw hands with one of them because he’s somehow a Victoria fan. Pray for him, if you’re into that sorta thing.

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