how I cope with a bad day

Bad days happen and they seriously suck sometimes. We can’t avoid them, but I know I’m not the only one looking for self-care ideas and tips to find some relaxation for the end of the day. Dealing with bad days doesn’t look the same for everyone, but here are some of my favorite ways to unwind + cope with any less-than-desirable days.

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Exercise | I remember the days that exercise was a chore for me and it was something I had to actively schedule into my days. Now, it’s one of my favorite ways to relieve stress. My initial instinct at the end of a long day is to run or kickbox. There’s just something about being able to pound out my frustrations on inanimate objects that feels so freeing!

Take a bath | Catch me taking a bath with some bath salts, a cup of tea, a burning candle, and Netflix playing on my laptop – and sometimes a face mask. The most cliche visual of “self-care,” but it’s worth it to relax my muscles and just rest.

Positivity + gratitude | Practicing positive self-talk and gratitude has been key for me these days. I hate giving into negativity, so I do what I can throughout the day to see the good and focus on it instead. For me, this looks like writing 5-10 things in my gratitude journal and speaking things I want to see in my life into existence like they’ve already happened. If I ever catch myself being down on myself, I work on actively praising myself instead and thanking God that I am perfectly + wonderfully made.

Remember God is in control | Odds are a lot of the things that go wrong are out of our control. Even if they’re a result of our actions, whatever comes of it ultimately ends up being out of our hands and all we can do is realize it is what it is and turn our eyes to the One who is in control. I don’t believe God causes distress or for bad things to happen to “teach us a lesson,” but I do believe that He uses situations to make us stronger in the end – both as an individual and as a follower of Christ. My favorite way to seek comfort in Him is to turn on my worship playlist and simply talk to Him – by the end, I feel like a burden has been lifted and I am reminded that everything will be alright.

Get a good laugh in | Watch a comedy! Hang out with some friends! Crank up some fun music and dance around! Do whatever puts a smile on your face and helps the stress of the day melt away.

Yoga/stretching | I hold a lot of stress in my upper body, namely my neck and shoulders, and fitting in a good stretch session into my day is the perfect way to loosen up. I never realize how tense or how shallowly I end up breathing when I’m stressed, so it feels amazing to open up my lungs a little bit more and feel the tension leave my muscles.

Get a good night’s sleep | Because what can’t sleep fix, honestly? It might not make your problems *poof* out of existence, but it’ll help you clear your mind some.


I know I probably didn’t give y’all any new information or ideas, but sometimes we just need a friendly reminder to take a deep breath and relax. Happy Friday, my loves, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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