why I’ve gone m.i.a. on youtube and what to expect

Hello my loves! This is a bit of a random update because I figured it was the easiest way to get the word out to anyone who’s been keeping up with me on YouTube – most specifically, The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge. Before I get too into it all, know this: I am not stopping the challenge!

The thing you’ve gotta know about the situation is that the laptop I’ve been using to play my games and edit the videos on is the one my parents bought me in 2012 for my high school graduation. It’s about to be 8 years old – it’s been putting up a good fight but about 2-3 months ago, my hard drive crashed and started a spiral of issues since then. I had my hard drive replaced, only to find out that my GPU (or CPU or whatever) was causing more problems than I realized. Namely, more random crashing and totally unreliable when I’m trying to film any kind of game play. I changed a lot of settings to try and get it to a place where it wouldn’t overheat and crash, but it made my games and video editing software lag even more than before.

Me, my friend who’s been making repairs on my computer, and my dad tried just about everything under the sun to no avail. So, after some time and consideration, I’ve decided to make the necessary investments into building a desktop so I can get back to playing + filming with waaaay better quality than before. But, it’s going to take some time to afford/order all the parts and to find a time to get it all put together. After looking at my budget, I’m hoping to have all the parts ordered before March and to be able to get back to it as soon as possible.

I seriously love getting to play video games. I might not be super intense into it (yet) but I’ve grown up playing games with my dad and ex-boyfriends, playing Nancy Drew games with my sisters, and, of course, Sims. I look forward to getting to put together a more powerful computer because I love how much this hobby can grow and expand. I’ve found a love for streaming on Twitch and uploading goofy videos for y’all to enjoy – there’s just something about getting to help put a smile on people’s faces that I love so so so much. So while the whole “gaming” side of the blog might feel like a complete outlier, but it’s something that brings me joy and relaxation, and it also gives me something else to connect with y’all. I’ve loved all the incredible feedback I get about the 100 Baby Challenge – it seriously warms my heart!

So what should y’all expect when I come get back to YouTube? Well, of course, the 100 Baby Challenge will be back, and now that football season is over, I’ll have the time on the weekends to put into filming. However, I’ve also been wanting to branch out in the types of videos I’m uploading. Specifically, an updated anxiety/mental health testimony. Sometimes, typed out words don’t do my full experience justice. Now that I’m more comfortable in front of the camera (let’s not even talk about my cringe worthy first video lol) I want to get into more lifestyle-based vlogs, too. I love that there are so many opportunities to try out and that I might finally have the equipment I need to be able to execute it.

That’s about it for today, y’all. I just wanted to give an update to anyone who might be wondering where the heck I went and if there will ever be any resolve to the insanity that is my version of the 100 Baby Challenge. I will be back, and it’ll be better than ever. So, in the mean time, take some time to catch up on or rewatch what I have so far of the challenge – even though those first videos are super cringe-worthy too lol.

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