bachelor live blog: peter, week 4


I’m painfully late to the game this week and have already seen so many spoilers, but that’s not going to stop me from watching and getting my thoughts up about this week’s insanity. And then we have t w o episodes next week? I don’t know how much my brain can handle all of it but I’m dang well going to try!!!

What a way to open the episode:

These girls were 0% excited to go to Cleveland lol

Oh they’re starting this Victoria F. drama straight off the bat.

I just gotta know, what isn’t Victoria F scared of… honestly?

Take a shot whenever Mykenna cries – we’d all be blacked out by the end of each episode.

That was the least convincing, “I love amusement parks” I’ve ever heard lol

The producers really went full DIRTY this season, I swear. Chase Rice had to’ve known though. right? Like he agreed to come on one of the most drama-inducing TV shows… and his ex is on it?! Seriously, bruh?

“You know this song!” hahahahaha oh yeah hunny, she knows it.

Chase looks v uncomfortable too, I hate this situation for both of them really.

Listening to Peter say “Chase Rice singing at their wedding”

I’m glad that this situation didn’t make things entirely blow up, but I still think Victoria F. is far too awkward and timid to really be here in the first place.

I feel like they matched Peter with all the whiniest girls they could find. They seriously cry over anything.

After watching Alayah walk through that door, I just gotta know – do the producers, like, hate Peter? lmk.

Victoria P getting caught in her lies like –

I feel like there’s a certain point when I stop caring what’s true and what’s not. It’s all confusing and catty and I’m just here to feel better about myself by watching them act like middle schoolers honestly.

“I don’t know what else to say -” GIRL you just straight up lied to strike another girl down and are dancing around any kind of straight answer. Of course you don’t know what to say!!!

Peter has now invited TWO girls into the house, I really have to know: IS. THIS. ALLOWED!!!! I’m confused. This whole season already is just –

Alayah!! cannOT!! BE! TRuSTED!!!

Interestingly Kelsey is handling this drama much better than she did with the whole champagne “finasco.”

Victoria P: “I can’t sit!!!” Also Victoria P: *sits*

Luke P and Alayah are perfect examples of how people can be so blinded and manipulated by a person despite all the warnings around them. It’s honestly tragic.


“They’re saying I’m too theatric” oh god.

Alright, I’m outtie after all that. Until next week!

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