affordable leggings for your new year fitness routine!

Sometimes half the fun of working out is the cute clothes that comes with it. At least for me it is, lol. In my last year and a half of working out, I realized I really hate working out in shorts – my fellow ladies that don’t have the ever coveted “thigh gap” feel me on this one. So, I always wear leggings, but darn if it isn’t hard to find cute, good quality leggings that aren’t going to leave you feeling exposed when you wear them… all at an affordable price. I see Lulus or Fabletics and I’m always so tempted until I see pricetags. Maybe some day I can splurge, but today is not that day!

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So far, some of my favorite leggings have come from Old Navy. They ones that didn’t fall victim to Arlyn’s teething phase have lasted me so long and they hve such a comfortable fit. They’re some of the best leggings I’ve found for the best prices, usually around $15-30, depending on the sales they have going on!

But after Christmas, I stocked up on leggings from Amazon and I wanted to share my thoughts on them with y’all since I know shopping online for something as tricky as leggings can be a little intimidating.

I took a risk on these high-waisted white leggings, but I’m glad I did! The white adds a nice pop to any workout outfit and I absolutely love the mesh design down the sides. As with anything white, you’ll need to make sure you’re smart in choosing your under garments to wearing with it, especially if you’re going to be any sort of weight lifting/bending over. It’s possible that these might be more of a leisurely set of leggings, but I think as long as you play it smart, they’ll be great for the gym too. These are the only pair out of the three I wouldn’t consider “squat proof.” They’re compression and have pockets, so that’s always a thumbs up from me! Less than $30 and Prime shipping eligible.

These pink cinnamon leggings are my going to be my new obsession. Again, high-waisted, compression, and have pockets. I just think the color + the mesh details on the pockets and around the ankles are seriously so cute. It’ll add a nice variety in color to my workout wardrobe! Less than $20 and Prime shipping eligible.

This burgundy pair is probably the most simple but I love it! I noticed while putting them on it’s little small around the ankle, but that’s really my only complaint. No mesh details on these, but the material is super soft! I really liked working out in these yesterday because of how flexible and soft they are. They have a good, snug fit but aren’t as compression-like as the others. These are going to be super comfy to have on hand, for sure! Less than $15 and Prime shipping eligible.

Each of these styles comes in so many different colors, so you don’t have to get the same colors I did! As far as sizing, they all fit pretty true to size. I ordered a size medium in all three and while they are a little snug at the moment (I’m gonna blame it on my muscles) I know they’ll get broken in and have a more natural fit before too long. With me starting to teach fitness classes this semester and all the working out I do in my spare time, I’m sure I’ll be doing more hauls to spice up my gym wardrobe. Let me know if you enjoy seeing this kind of content on the blog!

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