christmas decoration haul

Before anyone gets mad at me for decorating before Thanksgiving – let me explain!!! Normally, I do try to wait until after Thanksgiving to get my Christmas decorating started. But, since I’ll be traveling so much for the holidays I wanted to get a jump on it so it would be all done by the time I get home from Thanksgiving. And, with a new year comes new ideas for decorating and the itch for new decorations – so naturally, I went to Target. So, here’s a glimpse of what I walked away with!

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wreath | mini ornaments | lights | garland | light ties

Obviously the full effect of the front porch isn’t quite grasped here since it’s daytime and the lights weren’t on, but you get the general idea – garland + lights. As for the wreath, I did a little DIY because I realized this year that pre-made wreaths are so ridiculously overpriced! I’m still shopping on a budget, so I took a plain wreath + added the mini ornaments and a bow to it.

railing lights | burlap bow | mini tree skirt | candy bowl (similar) | fairy lights | colander | gather wall art

Next up – the common area! I could buy so much more for this space if I could, but I tried not to go overboard. I’m really happy with how the stairs + railing turned out! It’s nice to have the Christmas feel extend past the downstairs (plus, now we have a night light for any late night ventures down the stairs lol). But I like that I could tie together the tree’s ornaments – once the tree is decorated, that is – with the end table! In the excitement of getting the fun decorations, I forgot to buy ornament hooks. So tree decorating has been delayed, for now! But I was able to buy a new cable-knit tree skirt for it and I’m obsessed!

For the end table, I just got a set of fairy lights + used the excess ornaments and put them in a colander I had. It looks super cute, if I do say so myself! I found the ornaments at Hobby Lobby last year, but I couldn’t find them to be able to link them. But they’re a pink/blue/champagne gold theme!

shelf | planters | letter board | burlap tree | bottle brush trees | eucalyptus garland | cranberry garland | choose kindness wall art

Last but not least, my room! Ever since I started investing in homier decorations for my room, I can’t not bring the season into it! My wall shelf is by far one of my favorite little spaces (however, ignore the fall saying on the letter board still – I’m still transitioning out of fall some!) The burlap tree is one of my favorite pieces I found because it was only $3 – and that was its regular price. Not even on sale! It just feels and looks like such a good quality piece and to have gotten it for $3 just makes it even better!

As for the garland, since I didn’t feel like paying for a whole new one (like wreaths, those things are heckin’ expensive!) I just layered the cranberry garland over the eucalyptus leaf one I already had to give it a more Christmas-y vibe! I really like the way it turned out.

I tried looking for the “all is calm, all is bright” sign and for the bulb lights, but I’ll be darned if I could find them. I got the sign and Hobby Lobby years ago, and my mom and I found the bulb lights at Target in the Bullseye’s Playground (if that’s what they still call it?) back in October, so it’s totally possible it’s not on sale anymore – but definitely try your luck! I just couldn’t find them online to be able to link them. But they’re so cute because they have little evergreens + fake snow in them!

I hope this haul helps you feel inspired this Christmas! I know I am!

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