how to support the blogger in your life

Blogging has become such a popular trend – and by popular, I mean probably to the point of oversaturation lol. I’m no exception, either, since I jumped on the bandwagon a little over 3 years ago. I would imaging that everyone probably knows at least one person on a personal level that owns or has thrown around the idea of starting a blog, whether it’s as a business or simply as hobby with no intent of monetization. Regardless of the why behind their blog, there’s a lot of thought + effort that goes into it. From the outside looking in, it might not seem like there’s a whole lot to do, but the turth is that bloggers depend on your support – especially if they’re just starting out or working on growing their platform. I promise, it’s so much simpler than it sounds. Here are some of the basic ways you can support the blogger in your life!


READ THEIR POSTS. This is one of the most basic tips of them all, but simply reading the post is huge. Bloggers put a lot of time and energy into what to post, how to write it, and keeping our audience in mind as we do all those things. We get to see the statistics of our posts and it’s a huge confidence boost for us when we see that what we share gets a response. Of course, we understand that not every post is going to be “viral,” but improving our blog stats is what helps us land collaboration + partnership opportunities in the future.

INTERACT. Liking and commenting – it means so much more than you might realize. You may or may not have seen or heard your blogger talk about algorithms and engagement with posts – that’s because these days, social media platforms are only showing whatever gets liked + commented on. By simply doing those things, you’re increasing the chances that your blogger’s post will show up on other peoples’ news feeds. It’s always an added bonus to have our posts shared (if a certain posts really resonates with you, of course!) but you’d be surprised at what a significant difference simply engaging with a post on social media does.

SUBSCRIBE. Signing up on your blogger’s website to receive e-mail notifications about posts + newsletters is probably the #1 thing you can do to support + encourage them. That way, you know as soon as a post goes up. As for social medias – especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – follow them + turn on their post notifications. Liking, commenting, watching stories, or any other general interactions will teach the algorithm you like to see their posts.

USE AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES. I know supporting your blogger seems a little more taboo whenever you throw spending money into the mix. Here’s the thing – no one’s going to force you to spend money on things you don’t want. But, if your blogger shares something you really like and want to purchase, do it through their link. Affiliate links are simply tracking links that are specific to your blogger that allow them to receive a commission off any purchases that are made using that link – the bonus is that it’s at no additional cost to you. If you were thinking about spending the money anyway, the person who shared it with you might as well get a few extra dollars in their pocket. Your blogger might also have a discount code for certain collaborations + partnerships. Again, this code is linked specifically to them and allows them to make a commission. Maybe it’s for a brand or product you’re already familiar with, or maybe it’s something new that now you have a discount to try.

LEND A HAND. Sometimes we bloggers just need a little help on the resource side of things. I still consider myself a newbie blogger because I still have so much room to grow into the blogging profession – so for example, one of my biggest struggles with growing the blog was getting pictures. I really don’t like publishing a post if I don’t have good quality pictures. I want to make sure that if I’m posting, it’s both visually and verbally appealing. The struggle for me with getting quality photos is that I don’t have the finances at this point of my life to be able to pay a professional photographer. Thanks be to God that my sisters and my boyfriend enjoy photography and are willing to help me get the quality of pictures I want for the blog. As another example, I used to be seriously so clueless when it came to graphic design, so I turned to my best friend for help with that until I learned how to be able to design things on my own. So, if your blogger expresses a similar need or resource that you have the talent to help with, I can promise you it would be the biggest blessing to them.

8 thoughts on “how to support the blogger in your life

  1. Wish more people started taking bloggers seriously and actually made an effort to understand them, especially if it’s someone they personally know. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

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    1. hello there! first of all, thank you for reading! I’m happy to hear you liked it! second, my friend + graphic designer made it for me (just like any other design work you see around the blog!) She is open to helping others with any graphic design needs if you would like to email me at and I will happily send you her contact information! xo

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