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Happy Tuesday, my loves! I’ve been trying to get my creative juices flowing for the blog and I think I feel ready to start tackling a little more fashion content. It’s always something that’s felt really intimidating for me because, well, one, I haven’t exactly had a habit of shopping for new clothes. At work, I have a uniform, so when I only get weekends to “dress up,” I don’t feel much of a need to shop for clothes, if that makes sense. But, I’m starting to add to my wardrobe again, both in terms of cute, everyday outfits and workout + athleisure – especially now that I workout consistently and teach fitness classes.

I know crisp, fall weather is finally upon us, so I’ll be getting some cool weather faves up soon, but for now, enjoy some of these pieces that I’ve been loving!

This post includes affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If there’s anything you need to know about me when it comes to clothes shopping, is that I do it on a budget. That’s just where I am in my life – pretty much everything has to be budget, unless it’s health-related (since I personally believe good health is an investment!) So, unless I find something I absolutely adore and feel like I just have to have despite the price tag, odds are, I found it for cheap and I own that fact with pride lol

outfit details: body suit | denim skirt (similar option 1, similar option 2) | Apple Watch band (similar) | lashes

This black bodysuit I found at Forever21 is a current obsession. It goes with everything, and even though it’s made of pretty thin cotton, it’s something that’s going to be so so easy to dress up in the fall + winter. It’s light and breathable so it was perfect to wear to my friend’s wedding where Sav and I really tore up the dance floor. I use a backless sticky bra with it since the back opens up a little bit, but honestly I’m starting to think even a nude strapless bra will do the trick because it’s not that open on the back. But I really do love the high neck + keyhole aspect. The buttons holes on the back of the neck are pretty small and hard to do by myself, but totally worth the hassle once it’s on lol. It fits pretty true to size – I’m wearing a large!

I really like pairing it with a denim skirt I found on clearance at American Eagle, but since it was a clearance item I couldn’t find the exact skirt online for y’all – so I linked some similar ones! It might not matter too much anyway since skirt season is coming to a close.

I do also like to pair it with these jeans I found at Walmart last year. For Walmart brand, they are actually incredibly comfortable and have a good stretch to them – and, not to mention, cheap! I like the distressed aspect to them, but I also like that it’s not over the top.

Fun fact about me: I love love love baseball caps. So, not that this one is an outfit, but I went to Alter’d State with my sister this past weekend and found the cutest hat while I was there. Living in Oklahoma is great and all, but I knew I had to get it and rep my favorite state, just so everyone knows what’s up. Plus, the fact that it’s my happy place is so so true, so my heart melted a little bit when I found it. I love being able to use caps to make a cute outfit a little more casual, or to cover up a bad hair day (which I have plenty of lol) So, if you’re in Texas and want to wear your Texas heritage with pride, you need this hat!

That’s all I have to share for this time, but let me know what kind of things you want to see in the future in terms of fashion here on The Southern Sooner! I’m always open to suggestions + feedback!

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