what I’m meal prepping this week + giveaway reminder!

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you’re all enjoying the cooler weather like I am. During our [winter-like] cold front this past weekend, I went on a fall decoration frenzy and I’m so excited to share my haul with y’all soon! Fall + winter is my favorite time to blog because I feel like I always have so many great things to share with y’all. Plus, I’m sooo excited that soup + chili season is almost here, although the temperatures have been a little too back and forth for it to be here for me just yet.

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Life has felt a little hectic these last several weeks so I haven’t been keeping y’all up to date on what I’ve been meal prepping – honestly, I was downing a lot of pizza and quick, fast foods because of how behind my meal prepping got lol. Let’s just say, I think it happens to the best of us, but I’m more than ready to be back on track.

I’m not sure if I shared this tidbit last time I shared my meal preps with y’all, but in the last month I have made the decision to add some meats back into my diet. I would still consider myself “flexitarian” in a sense because I’m only adding chicken and eggs back, solely because I was having such a hard time with meeting my protein goals, and with how much + how intensely I’ve been working out lately, I figured it was important to make sure I was getting enough.

When it comes to red meat, I still used Beyond Meat products to substitute, and I still prefer plant-based alternatives for cheese, milk and butter. Eggs and chicken just felt like the cleaner animal-protein options to add back into my diet. And, of course, I still use my Arbonne protein to boost my protein content throughout the day.

What I’m meal prepping:

Honey Garlic Chicken + Snap Peas (471 cal – 7g fat, 51g carbs, 50g protein)

Black Bean Burgers + Baked Sesame Turmeric Fries (576 cal – 17g fat, 87g carbs, 24g protein)

Buffalo Chicken Salad (361 cal – 6g fat, 25g carbs, 50g protein)

Arbonne Cookie Dough Protein Bites + Green Apples (479 cal – 18g fat, 71g carbs, 15g protein)

Snacks: Boom Chicka Pop, Energy Fizz Sticks

I’ve been obsessed with having protein bites + apples in the mornings for breakfast, and then a mix of the meals for lunch and/or dinner. I always workout in the evenings so I generally try and consume a good amount of protein afterwards by having a clean meal + protein shake on the side. I’ve been working to try and cut down my fat content, but it’s been a little trial and error. It’s mostly meant cutting out butter and oils where I can.

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