the ultimate halloween movie list

Now that the weather is starting to cool down some, I can finally say this – happy fall, y’all! September is great because it brings us football season, but I love love love October because it marks the beginning of the best portion of the year. I love being festive – there’s just something about having the house all decorated and getting to do the things I don’t normally get to do during the rest of the year that brings me so much joy and relaxation. During the Halloween season, it’s obviously a must to watch festive + scary movies – so, here’s an updated list of movies to make sure you have in your Halloween movie marathons!


it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown! – because duh.

halloweentown 1 & 2 – also a no brainer, if you’re a millennial, you grew up watching these movies every. frickin. halloween. and with good reason.

hocus pocus – no one yell at me because I am sorely lacking in the movies that I’ve seen, but I have never seen this movie and I think it’s time that changed!

young frankenstein – to get a good laugh in!

the little vampire – because CUTE

capser – the friendliest of ghosts.

the addams family – the family we all know and love.

scream – I’m pretty sure I started out watching these movies with scream 4, and then went back and watched from the beginning. but it’s a halloween classic considering you’re probably going to see at least 50 scream masks each halloween.

the sixth sense – because when is seeing dead people not halloween-y.

halloween (1978) – good ole michael meyers. I’ve seen the remake, but I feel uncultured since I haven’t seen the original. plus, originals are always better!

a nightmare on elm street (1984) – perhaps cheesy as far as special effects go, but a good movie nonetheless. the remake is also good, and the special effects are a little bit better quality lol

the strangers – it’ll make you never want to stay in cabin again, but then again, what horror movie doesn’t.

disturbia – because who doesn’t love shia labeouf and psychopathic serial killers. “just do it,” in the words of mr. labeouf himself.

the final destination series – I love these movies, minus the nudity that’ll pop up out of nowhere. but if you come across a cleaned up version on TV or don’t mind that kind of thing, these movies are a great vibe for halloween.

beetlejuice –  I feel like this one goes without much saying. it’s tim burton, after all.

ghostbusters – because who ya gonna call.

psycho (1960) – a little more old school but whose halloween isn’t complete without a little bit of norman bates?

friday the 13th (1980) – obviously jason needs to be invited to this party too.

texas chainsaw massacre (1974) – texas and thriller/murder movies, two of my favorite things lol

the shining – heeeeere’s johnny!

the exorcist (1973) – a creepy possession classic.

the blair witch project (1999) – teenagers disappearing in the woods? how slenderman-esque. there’s also a 2016 remake.

the conjuring – I have seen this movie more times than I can count. it’s a go-to as far as horror/possession movies go. if you are into this genre of movie, I would recommend it and the movies that followed it. if you want to see the story in order, watch the nun (2018), annabelle: creation (2017), annabelle (2014), the conjuring (2013), and the conjuring 2 (2016). I’ve been told this is the progression of the storyline.

insidious – still one of my favorite horror movies to date. intense, creepy, but captivating.

it + it: chapter 2 – because you’re halloween isn’t going to be complete without a creepy clown.

scary stories to tell in the dark – scary stories fits right up the halloween alley, right?

child’s play – I can’t really think of too many things scarier than a demonic, murderous doll, can you?

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