the toothbrush I didn’t know I was missing + cariPRO giveaway

If there’s any part of my health that’s put on the backburner, it’s probably my oral health. I’m always getting grilled by my dentist about flossing more (but who isn’t?) and quite frankly, I’m the worst about brushing for a whole two minutes – mostly in part because I just don’t take the effort to time it. On top of that, I’ve been using a manual toothbrush for as long as I can remember. There was perhaps one time in the last year or so that I tried to buy an electric toothbrush and it was probably the most unsatisfying experience lol. My teeth didn’t feel cleaner – like, at all – and I’m pretty sure the thing broke after not very long. Needless to say, I wasn’t very impressed and just kept on keeping on with my manual.

I had always heard about how electronic toothbrushes were better, but I was honestly pretty terrified of spending the money to trial and error my way to find the right electronic toothbrush. In recent months, though, I had been noticing plaque buildups in certain areas of my teeth and no amount of time, new manual toothbrush, or new angles was getting rid of it and it was annoying; I just felt unclean and kind of dirty, and I was getting frustrated that it felt like there wasn’t a good solution.

Then cue the blessing that is Smile Brilliant and the CariPRO. If you read my review of their whitening kit, you know how much I love this company and how easy + affordable they make efficient oral care. I decided to try out their toothbrush and y’all – it’s amazing! I threw my manual toothbrush away after my first use because I knew I wasn’t gonna reach for it anymore.

Initial Impressions

You learn a lot from your first impression of things, and the CariPRO really had me sold from the start. One of the things I love is that it doesn’t take batteries like some of my electronic toothbrushes in the past. It comes with a simple, sleek charger that doesn’t look bulky or take up a lot of space on the counter.

It also comes with a built-in timer so it shuts off after your two minutes is up – so for someone like me who probably wasn’t getting their full two minutes of brush time in, it’s a dream. On top of that, though, it counts down in 30 second increments you know when it’s time to focus on a new quadrant of the mouth.

But I’d have to say my initial first impression was how much power this bad boy packs. Plaque doesn’t stand a chance against this toothbrush. The only other times in my life when I’ve had this deep of a clean is when I finished up with the dentist – I really had no idea just how much I missed this toothbrush until I tried it!


The CariPRO has five (yes, 5!) unique settings that honestly make it suitable for anyone to use. Let me break them down for y’all!

CLEAN. I always love how clean my teeth feel after the dentist, but not so much at the cost of sore, aching gums from all the scraping and poking. My initial reaction when I first used the CariPRO was that it felt like a deep, dentist-quality clean. As much as I’m sure you’ll love this toothbrush, be sure to still visit your dentist semi-annually (-:

WHITENING. This is probably my favorite setting! It’s the most powerful, but I’m obsessed with doing what I can to try and have a clean, white smile. I don’t drink coffee much anymore, but I’m using my Smile Brilliant whitening kit + the CariPRO together to erase the ghosts of coffees past. Despite the power, my gums don’t feel sore or over-brushed when I’m done like they do with other toothbrushes. The brush heads are actually smaller than standard toothbrushes so my gums don’t pay the price for any intense brushing.

MASSAGE. I had no clue I needed a massage setting on my toothbrush, but I love that I do. It’s a much gentler setting and perfect to use on days when my teeth feel more sensitive.

GUM CARE. If you’re like me and don’t always do everything to take care of your gums, this setting is perfect. I use it a few days out of the week in addition to my normal brushing just to make sure that my gums are nice and healthy.

SENSITIVE. If the idea of a toothbrush packing a lot of punch doesn’t sound appealing, then no worries! Something I love about Smile Brilliant is that they keep those with sensitivities in mind when designing their products. The CariPRO is seriously for everyone!

Now, this is my favorite part – I have the pleasure to host a giveaway with Smile Brilliant where one of you will get your very own free CariPRO electronic toothbrush! There are only two steps to enter:

  1. Enter your name + email
  2. Fill out this form!

Good luck to everyone that enters! If you get impatient to get your hands on the CariPRO or want to try out Smile Brilliant’s other amazing products, use code SOUTHERNSOONER20 at checkout for 20% off!

*Participants MUST fill out SB form to be counted!* 

This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies who support The Southern Sooner.

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