wellness wednesday: my current workout routine

Hi, loves! I’m really starting to feel like I need to get out of the habit of using my gym mirror selfies to feature these posts lol God has blessed me with a boyfriend who loves photography so I’m hoping for higher quality pictures for the blog soon! But for right now, mirror selfies it is.

I never posted my workout routine for the summer because, quite frankly, it was all over the place. I mostly did Barre and HIIT classes, but I had to take a variety of classes to complete my FIT Academy requirements to get my Group Exercise Instructor certification – which, by the way, I passed + have officially been offered a part-time position to start teaching group exercise classes! So, y’all’s resident side-job queen now has one more title to add to the list lol. I’m looking forward to being more involved with my community + play a role in helping others feel their best!

So far this fall, my workout routine is fairly basic, although it will likely be changing up, especially when I start teaching my own classes. I’m usually in the gym Monday-Thursday, trying to keep a good balance between cardio and strength, although I can admit I’ve been gravitating towards my strength classes much easier.

Kickboxing has still been one of my favorite ways to release frustrations or pent up stress. It’s not that I’m a violent person, but let’s be real – kicking and punching bags just feels good, and it’s obviously better than kicking and punching a person lol. I try to focus on getting my heart rate up to get more of a cardio workout out of my kickboxing classes because most cardio-specific classes, I’ve noticed, are pretty heavy in plyometrics – which, I’ll be honest with y’all, is not really my thing. I always tend to tweak an ankle, knee, or hip and all the jumping and/or spinning makes me lightheaded. Not that plyometrics is bad by any means! It’s great kind of workout, but I know my limits and know it’s not really for me.

One of my newest workout obsessions, though, is F45. It’s a specialty studio that offers 45-minute functional training classes. Normally it can be pretty pricey (as most specialty studios are) but fortunately OU has a studio built into its gym and it’s significantly cheaper as a faculty + staff employee. So, it might not be a realistic or affordable option for everyone, but I highly recommend it if you’re able because it’s really challenged me to push my limits and I truly feel so much stronger and so much more capable for it. I really love the strength days, but I take some of their cardio classes sometimes, too. I plan on writing a full review on F45 for anyone who’s looking to learn more.

So, this is just what I’ve been doing in terms of working out for the sake of building muscular and cardiovascular strength, but I’ve been exercising more throughout the rest of the day, too – however I’ll get into that later in the body image series!

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