mystery novels you need to read!

Happy Friday, my loves! Per usual, I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to it. After all, how could I not look forward to a weekend with OU football?

At the beginning of the year I wrote about some books I was looking forward to reading this year – some of which I have, others I still have yet to get to. Most of those books were self development + business focused, but over the summer I started rekindling my love for mystery novels. I’ve always been drawn to mysteries (books, shows, movies – you name it) but trying to get through a whole novel has always been a difficult for me. I am a generally fatigued person in the first place, so reading puts me to sleep in an instant. My solution? Audiobooks.

I had been thinking about doing audiobooks for a while but couldn’t exactly justify an Audible membership, so instead I finally got a library card (yay for adulting!) and was able to use it to access the Libby and Hoopla apps. Between them, I’ve managed to make it through several novels in the last couple of months and still have more on my list (thanks to some recommendations from my Facebook friends!)

This post may include affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

THE OUTSIDER, Stephen King – I don’t have much exposure to Stephen King other than the IT remake, but I’ve always heard good things about his books. This book is one of his more recent works and was definitely trippy and kept me guessing about what the heck was going on the whole time.

PET SEMETARY, Stephen King – I went on a bit of Stephen King kick when I first started getting into audiobooks, but I figure he’s a classic when it comes to suspense + thrillers. This is pretty much a classic as far as his books go, but I thoroughly enjoyed it even though there were times when I felt like it was slow moving. I definitely prefer the book to the movie, though.

BRING ME BACK, B.A. Paris – this book was good! It’s got a great plot twist, and it just kept me feeling intrigued the whole time. This was one I had a hard time putting down.

IN THE WOODS, Tana French – I actually read this book in high school but I wanted to re-read it since it had been so long, and because I wanted to make it through the rest of the series. Murder mysteries are my favorite mysteries (that sounds a lot more sinister written out than it was in my head) and this novel has great characters and amazing twists.

THE LIKENESS, Tana French – the second book in the 5 part series and this one kept me guessing just as much as the first. The thing I like about this series is that each book focuses on a new primary character from the previous book, so I love getting to dive a little deeper in the characters I grow attached to.

THE SILENT PATIENT, Alex Michaelides – this was a book I simply couldn’t put down. I was so intrigued in the “now” of the story that I was completely blindsided by the ending. Just read it. That’s all I can say.

I’m currently reading through Faithful Place by Tana French, the third book in the series and so far I’m enjoying it, although I’ve been a little more distracted with other things with this book so I’m not making it through as quickly as I did with the books before it. I’m always looking for new mystery novels to check out though, so let me know what you’re reading + loving!

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