what I’m meal prepping this week + new mini-series!

Hello, hello! I hope you’ve all been having easy weeks so far! I am currently writing to y’all through a mid-week headache and fingers tightly crossed for the rest of the week to go by quickly. This week has been busy since school started this Monday – having all the students back makes the days go by fast but I’ll be darned if I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day.

Y’all know I love sharing what I’m meal prepping with you, so here’s what I have planned for this week!

what I’m meal prepping:

buffalo tofu + chickpea wraps

avocado pesto pasta

bang bang broccoli + and tofu

So far I’ve had the chance to make the wraps and the pesto – I like them both and they were both pretty easy to put together. I take the wraps with me to lunch and heat the pasta up to pair with a protein shake for dinner after I get home in the evenings. My only complaint with the wraps is that I don’t know how to wrap a tortilla lol. The original recipe called for cauliflower, but for protein’s sake I used chickpeas and tofu instead.

I’ve been trying really hard to stay disciplined with tracking calories and my macronutrients, so I’ve been trying really hard to stick with plant-based recipes + keep an eye on portion control – which leads me into my announcement!

The topic of body image has been on my heart quite a bit lately, mostly because it’s been a fairly significant struggle of mine in recent months. I’ve been trying to write about my personal experiences with it for the last couple of months, but I had yet to figure out what exactly I wanted to say + do about it. I decided that since it’s such an expansive topic, I wanted to start a mini-series within Wellness Wednesdays covering my personal experience, and what I’m doing about it. I feel like – as a blogger – I’ve trapped myself into thinking I can’t write about something unless I’ve overcome the struggle, unless I have a solution to provide; but I’ve been challenging myself to defy that thought process and find a way to be genuine and transparent about a current struggle, while also providing a solution for others who might be going through the same thing. Sometimes, you just want to know that someone else is struggling in the same ways you are and is also still trying to figure it out. I strive to be relatable, and part of how I want to do that in this mini-series is to admit, “yes, I have some really bad days but here’s what I’m doing in the midst of it to change it,” instead of talking about it in the past tense and giving you “x amount of steps to _______” (not that those aren’t great!) When it comes to any mental struggles, your thoughts are all-consuming – I don’t want to wait until this struggle feels like a blip in my past before I start publicly talking about it in ways that make it seem like it was something that was “so easy” to overcome – because being in the middle of it now, I can tell you it has been far from easy.

I hope that this gets y’all excited about it, I know I’m looking forward to starting it!

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