bachelorette live blog: hannah b, week 8

via ABC

To say I’m not mentally prepared for this week’s episode is an understatement. We all know some major Luke P drama is coming, Hannah decided to keep Jed despite all the major red flags from his family at hometowns, and I fear my little Peter’s heart might be getting smooshed soon (even though I read a slightly disappointing article about him regarding his last relationship yesterday and now I’m convinced Tyler is the only unproblematic contestant left on this season).

Sorry I never got around to live blogging my hometown thoughts – as you could probably figure, I loved Peter and Tyler’s hometown dates, Luke’s was absolutely bizarre and I’m convinced he threatened his friends and family to say nice things about him and make him seem like the nicest guy to walk the planet, and Jed’s hometown – well – it sucked. His mom and sister were clearly trying to get Hannah to run. I love Hannah, I truly do; but between keeping Luke this long and not seeing the major red flags about Jed after his hometown, I have lost a little bit of hope in this season. However, I’m hoping things will all turn out right in the end and we’ll be able to sigh one giant breath of relief and get some closure during The Final Rose about what the heck has been going through her mind this entire season.

But okay, enough of that. Let’s get uncomfy because it’s fantasy suite week!!!!!

Hannah and Peter truly look so good together, wow. They are gorgeous. My heart is melting.

Ahhh and there it is – the infamous windmill.

Then again, she also looks gorgeous with Tyler. My heart is torn. I’d be happy if she ended up with either of them. However, as much as I do love Peter, I think Tyler is a much better fit for her.

Every man needs a life lesson from Tyler. We stan a respectful man that’s not afraid to empower his woman!!!!

And then there’s Jed, who I’m convinced is now just trying to make his exit now that he’s made it far enough in the show to showoff his mediocre music.

Who paid these people to put them on the spot like that lol

“Wow, look at all of these trees” okay Jed.

As much as I don’t care for Jed, he’s pullin out a lot of good points that we’ve all been thinking during all this drama with Luke. Someone had to say it.

Does she know you’re the one Luke? Are you sure about that?

I don’t think his church is teaching him to kiss but ok sis lol

Alright. I’m listening very intently to this conversation regarding sex between these two and I have to admit, that I see where each side is coming from. The thing is, Luke is allowed to abstain and want to be with someone who wants to do the same, and he’s allowed to express that. But I also see where it’s piling on top of all his other pride run-ins they’ve had this season and how Hannah’s taking it as the icing on the cake. I guess maybe this is just a conversation they should have had before fantasy suites?

The thing is, he’s allowed to not to want to be with someone who has, in the last week, maybe slept with at least 2 other guys so openly and willingly. I’m not here to shame her at all – she is allowed to make her own decisions, although it might not have been in the best taste to advertise her relations as openly as a woman of faith, but Jesus most definitely still loves you, girlfriend. But anyway. I’m just saying that to someone who is trying to abstain in his present and future relationships, it’s not wrong for him to want to be with someone who views sex’s role in a relationship the same way he does, and I don’t think it’s wrong on his part. Coming from a former womanizer, prideful, and almost violent person, I can see how what he’s saying and what he wants is not being taken well.

In addition to just not wanting to like a thing that comes out of Luke’s mouth, I think too that some of his language comes across as a little demeaning. That in combination with him just seeming to have this golden standard he wants to hold her to in order to fit the image he wants, and his seeming unwillingness to “put up” with her pitfalls, I don’t particularly blame her for getting upset. She’s had to put up with so much of his drama, so for him to be so conditional does feel maddening.

Well. We haven’t seen the last of Luke, but I’m glad we’ve nixed 1/2 of the punks left. Until next time!

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