bachelorette live blog: hannah b, week 7

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Hello! Time for more of my Bachelorette thoughts – I’d apologize for not getting a post up last week, but since the episode itself ended up being a recap… there just wasn’t much to say, other than continuing to state the obvious, which is that Luke is crazy and physically incapable of taking ownership for any of his actions. We’re all stuck wondering why the heck this psycho is still here, and we all know it’s only about to get worse from here.

“No guy here feels about Hannah the way I do,” oh, so you mean no other guy here has obsessive, manipulative, controlling feelings over Hannah? For the first time, I think Luke’s right!!!!

I love how genuinely shocked Hannah is that this is a naked bungee jump. I bet she’s wishing she chose Tyler by now lol.

Hannah just clearly has so much fun with the other guys versus Luke. All he does is stress her out yet he’s somehow still!!! here!!! Physically, he might be attractive, but he has the UGLIEST heart and I was really hoping she’d see that by now.

This group date looks fun – I thoroughly enjoy exploring and goofing around in the process, and I love that the guys are all about it.

It’s obvious all the guys are uncomfy hearing about the naked bungee jump lol And I see Luke’s logic, but it obviously it goes without saying that he’s about to be way to controlling about it.

Tyler is so sweet and encouraging omg how is she continually choosing Luke over him ??? I am confusion. So much confusion. EVERY GIRL DESERVES A TYLER.

My face watching Luke talk:

Luke over there acting all shocked that being controlling and telling her she’s making “bone-headed mistakes” didn’t get him the rose.

“He’s the kind of guy you wanna see pushing a stroller in a park” has got to be the most accurate description of Peter I’ve ever heard lol

I already shipped them so hard but after that date? Oh yeah. I love them.

Clearly very physical but UGH he’s so sweet and gentle and has such a big heart for her and he makes my heart melt omg.



Does he ever stop smiling? I’m not complaining, I just swear he always smiles!!!!

I believe Jed has strong feelings for Hannah, but I have such a general distrust of the musicians on this show lol

Hey Luke, did you ever think that if you don’t want people talking about the crap you’re pulling to Hannah, maybe stop being so dramatic and – gee, I don’t know – awful?

My face now watching Luke telling Garrett where the door is:

Ugh he is back tracking and trying to change up everything he said and I’m livid. He’s trying to say he isn’t questioning her character WHEN HE TOTALLY WAS? Ugh he is just being way too territorial for someone who agreed to be on The Bachelorette of all things. You don’t get to “claim” her as your property.

He is so emotionally abusive it drives me up a fricken wall.

I like that Luke is preaching to everyone else to “stay in their lane” when he is LiTeRalLy the only one who is not staying in his gosh dang lane!!!

Honestly me anytime Luke P opens his mouth anymore:

Luke has officially cancelled 3 cocktail parties now!!! HOW. IS. HE. STILL. HERE!!!!!

If I were the other guys I would be so offended and discouraged that she continues to keep Luke.

Well, after all that drama, I think we definitely needed that credit scene of the guys we all love dancing around in the most spastic way possible.

Until next week, y’all. Here’s hoping we can make it through another episode of this nonsense without pulling our hair out.

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