bachelorette live blog: hannah, weeks 4 + 5

bachelorette live blog: hannah, weeks 4 + 5

Photo: Mark Bourdillon/ABC

Sorry I never posted last week – I just felt like the drama ended up being so redundant and painful that there really was only so much I could say, so I really didn’t have much unique input for Week 4’s episode. BUT I am back with more live thoughts to these ridiculous episodes! Hannah is still our queen, even though I hate that she can’t get her head out of Luke P’s charm.

W E E K # 4

I like how they’re paying this professional basketball player to care about how her date with Jed is going lol

Who even is Grant, honestly.

Luke S. hasn’t gotten much time with Hannah from what I’ve seen so does he even have much to talk about with the other guys?

“Oh now that you say that I remember”

Grant: *leaves the convo because he’s unemployed and probably doesn’t have the health insurance to risk being in Luke P’s presence*


Although, Hannah better side with Luke S since there are MORE guys backing him than Luke P, but I have a feeling her attraction to Luke P is too strong.

W E E K # 5

Hannah looks 1000000% done.

“I was trying to step over you.” Um, how does your knee hit someone on the ground while you’re trying to walk? just wondering.


Wow so Luke S. is really just gonna walk out like that, huh.

Honestly if I were the other guys I would be questioning her judgment so hard right now.

You know Hannah, I’ve found out in my life that sometimes your heart needs to follow your head instead of the other way around. Buuuut I think she’s starting to figure it out.


As if I didn’t already love Hannah, and now she’s going to SCOTLAND, my heart is happy.

“I’m gonna throw them to the Loch Ness monster” lol I can name a cetain someone who should be…

omg Mike is adorable, I love him.

Grant never says a word but his facial expressions say everything.


Okay, their faces trying the sour candy and the haggis – priceless.

“I can’t wait to not have any distractions” aka I can’t wait to smack talk all of you in peace.

Peter called Hannah his princess, WE STAN!!!!

Honestly I have so much love for this group date, it’s just so much fun! Plus I love that Hannah showed up all the guys with her axe throwing. An absolute QUEEN.

Could you imagine if Luke P were on this date?? Not only would he be simply obnoxious to listen to all day but we would be smashing people’s skulls into the ground. It would be a blood bath.

Why does Luke have to be such a jerk as he’s leaving!!! “Have fun at the house” bruh shut up.

“Everyone loves me,” nothing drives me crazier than someone who is that full of themselves.

I like how he blames everyone else, and he goes “and it’s not affecting me.” OKAY listen. Do you have no remorse, like, at all? Does it not make you realize that maybe you’re doing something wrong? He’s way too much talk, too much about winning, and has zero responsibility for his actions.

It really pains me how hard she’s trying to hold on, he’s just so uninteresting and cocky!!!! AND WHERE ARE HIS EMOTIONS!!!!

I’ve been so focused on all the drama that I never realized that it’s true, he’s never done anything to talk about who he is, where he comes from, what he likes, doesn’t like – he just doesn’t feel very human at all. He’s so focused on everyone’s opinion of him that he is only capable of obsessing over anything pertaining to his character.

Well. I feel like this episode was left in a very ambiguous spot. I’m not convinced that he’s actually gone, especially since he’s at the end of the preview for the next episode. WE’RE JUST READY TO BE DONE WITH LUKE.

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