what I’m meal prepping this week

These last few weeks have been crazy with traveling, partial weeks due to holidays or weather… but I’m finally getting back on my meal prepping train – and lemme tell ya, it’s much needed. I’ve missed having a routine with both meals and exercise – I’m trying out a barre class tonight and I’m really excited about it! It’s been a while since I’ve done barre so it’ll be fun to incorporate into my summer fitness routine.

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My sweet coworkers bought me the book Vegan Meal Prep by JL Fields and I wanted to give it a try these next couple of weeks. The recipes are honestly pretty simple, and it gives you a guide what you’re eating for each meal for 5 days. If you meal prep, you know the struggle of feeling like you’re living the same day over and over with your meals, so I like that this book helps give you an idea of how to alternate your meals so you don’t get (at least, as) bored throughout the week. But hopefully you’re making meals that excite you so you’re not getting bored!

Even if you don’t want to follow along with their recipes all the time, it’s nice to have the different schedules you can follow to make sure you’re alternating what meals you’re eating with each meal, which is something I’ve always struggled with figuring out on my own (for whatever reason). It’s also really cool because it has you freeze a few servings of what you’re making, so not only do you have to feel like you need to finish it all within the week, but you also have some food made for another week.

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W E E K # 1

barely breakfast bowl

cheesy polenta with penne

healthy mac n’ cheese

cowboy caviar salad

W E E K # 2

chia seed pudding

peppered pinto beans + spanish rice

red bean corn salad

basic baked potato


veggies with caesar-style dressing

taco pita pizza

chips + salsa

rice cakes with guacamole


Normally I list off my groceries and about how much I spent, but I haven’t done all of my shopping yet because I’ll be shopping for Week #2 this weekend – I’m trying to shop more weekly instead of bi-weekly for the sake of reducing food waste. For Week #1 I’ve already spent about $45, but I’m anticipating having to spend about another $25-30 this weekend. This is a little more money than I usually spend on groceries since it has me making some more in-depth breakfasts and snacks, but I wanted to give the full system a try at least once. I might cut back on some of the snacks in future meal planning.

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