waking up in vegas: las vegas travel guide

I have been anticipating this trip since I first joined Arbonne last February! I wasn’t able to make our Global Training Conference in 2018, but I knew I needed to be there this year. I got to spend this trip with one of my favorite girls from college + teammate, which made it so much more special. We both finally got to check Las Vegas off our bucket lists!

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The way there was a little stressful, upon arriving at DFW I realized I picked a different connecting flight than the rest of my group so I got to leave a whopping 2.5 hours after the rest of my group – so much fun lol. I definitely had my time of venting for sure, but eventually I got myself to chill and just enjoy the slight down time before the insanity of GTC. However, realizing you’re going to be in the airport for 3 hours by yourself, flying by yourself, and getting to the hotel by yourself when you thought you were gonna be with a group is pretty stressful. Life goes on though, right? At this point I was just crossing my fingers the rest of the trip went pretty smoothly (spoiler alert: it did, despite the storms Oklahoma was having the day we came back!)

We stayed at Excalibur while we were there – it was a super fun hotel + casino. Two Starbucks, and a 24 hour Baja Fresh. We were set lol. There were a lot of restaurants inside, we ate at Bucca di Beppo Wednesday night – a good option if you’re into family-style meals. They come in massive portions, so it’s definitely a great option if you and the people you’re with eat/like the same meals and are down for sharing.

Side note: it is dang near impossible to find water or reasonably priced fruit in Vegas?? We couldn’t find good nutrition anywhere! lol

Thursday, we didn’t have any conference activities starting until 7pm, so we had the majority of the day to do some sight seeing + exploring. We did the Big Bus tours which were a hop on/hop off styled tour of uptown and downtown Las Vegas. Exclaibur is on the southernmost end of The Strip, so it was the perfect way to make sure we saw it all. The only downside of the day was that it was cloudy, windy, and on/off rainy. The sun finally came out that afternoon, but not before we had to throw on some ponchos to keep from getting rained on lol.

One of my favorite places we got to stop by on the tour was M&M World – super cute and it smelled heavenly. The smell of cooking, melted chocolate just really can’t be topped!

The cool thing about the bus tours was that you had the opportunity to use them for discounts or activities at some of the stops. We used ours to go to the Madame Tussauds wax museum, which was a lot of fun even though I really felt like one of those wax figures was about to jump out at me.

Ignore the big cannabis leaf, Snoop Dog was the only wax figure I wanted to get a picture with. Gotta love him!

Since we had conference activities going on from 7pm Thursday to 4:30pm on Saturday, the next few days were fairly uneventful in terms of being in Las Vegas – but don’t get me wrong, our conference was fun too! Arbonne started off with a new product launch, we got to watch our incredible, inspiring upline leaders accept their Grand Awards, and Saturday we got to see + hear Rachel Hollis speak live. I was thriving! I’m still in awe of Rachel Hollis and just how hilarious, honest, and influential she is.

outfit: romper, m | choker, FabFitFun | heels, Charlotte Russe

Saturday we finally got to go to the pool. We had been waiting for the time + for the weather to cooperate. The Excalibur pool was pretty nice – 4 separate pools, two spas, a fun resort vibe, not to mention a poolside bar. Be sure that if you’re drinking in Vegas that you have money because wow are drinks expensive there. But, when in Vegas, right? At the very least you get your money’s worth because they are definitely strong lol. Then we topped Saturday night off with dinner at Outback Steakhouse – definitely a restaurant you can find anywhere, but we had to take the elevator in the world’s largest Coke bottle to get there!

outfit: swimsuit, xxl | sunnies | romper, lg

Sunday was fairly lowkey – I spent my afternoon down at the pool for a few hours and finally getting some of that Vegas sun before heading over to The Neon Museum to see the Neon Boneyard.

After the Neon Museum, we went to Fremont Street. Now, let me warn you, you need to be in an adventurous mood to take on Fremont Street, or at least have a few beers in you. It was a super fun vibe, but there are certainly a lot of interesting characters, to say the least, and you’ll constantly be surrounded by cigarette + marijuana smoke. My anxiety tends to be set off by large crowds and smoke, so it wasn’t the best combination for me, but I’d go again now that I know what I’m getting into.

But overall, it was such a fun trip. I look forward to getting to return next year for GTC 2020. Vegas is a fun place to split up a business trip and a personal trip. If it was all business, I wouldn’t have gotten to see anything. If it was all personal, I think I would have been overwhelmed with how much there is to do, all the time. So knowing I get to go back yearly helped me with feeling like I can break the activities up into all my upcoming trips.

Until next year, Las Vegas!

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