what I’m meal prepping this week + grocery list!

Is anyone else ever amazed with themselves for making it through another week? lol I’ve been spending my day meal planning + organizing my grocery list. I got a lot of good feedback from the last post, so I wanted to share my meal plans with y’all again!

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In my initial grocery haul + meal plan post I shared the cookbooks I’ve been referencing to get my recipes from. I love Pinterest but I started to feel like I was finding the same recipes over and over, so I recently purchased the No Meat Athlete and How Not to Die cookbooks just to ensure I have variety. Although, you can check out my plant-based recipes Pinterest board here!

I never did get around to making the spaghetti or bean burritos this past week (traveling tends to complicate my meal prepping schedule) so I already had the ingredients for them. I’ll be including my grocery list below with prices so you can see the budget for yourselves! I split my shopping between Sprouts + Walmart (I used grocery pickup – seriously the most convenient tool if you work full time and don’t have the energy to do the shopping yourself! Save $10 off your first grocery pickup here!)


w e e k # 1

breakfast bean burritos (NMA)

pineapple black bean bowls (NMA)

super salad with garlic caesar dressing (HNTD)

w e e k # 2

chia seed pudding with berries

spaghetti + Italian bean balls (NMA)

black bean gazpacho salad (HNTD)


w a l m a r t

  • Cilantro ($0.48)
  • GV frozen pineapple chunks ($2.36)
  • Romaine lettuce ($1.48)
  • Jalapenos ($0.30)
  • Cherry tomatoes ($2.98)
  • GV stone ground mustard ($1.64)
  • Italian parsley ($0.48)
  • Clementines, 3lb ($4.08)
  • Marketside guacamole cups, 3 ($11.94) | NOTE: 18 cups total, not as ideal as fresh guacamole or avocados, but it’s better for meal prepping!
  • Rice cakes, 2 ($4.96)

s p r o u t s

  • Limes, 5 ($1.65)
  • Roma tomatoes, 2 ($0.88)*
  • Red bell peppers, 2 ($1.96)*
  • Gold bell pepper ($0.98)*
  • Sweet potatoes, 2 ($1.76)*
  • Spinach ($1.49)
  • Anaheim chile peppers ($1.87)
  • Organic spring mix ($4.99)
  • Yellow onion ($0.88)
  • Bulk raw pumpkin seeds, 2 tbsp ($0.25)*
  • Bulk roasted plaintain chips, 1 oz ($0.30)*
  • Gluten free rolled oats ($4.99)
  • Organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar ($2.99)

*indicates item on sale

TOTAL: $55.69

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