my current exercise routine, spring 2019

Hello readers! I’ve been spending the last couple of days planning some content – specifically wellness related – and I’m so excited to start working on it for y’all! 2019 has truly been a huge year in terms of lifestyle changes for me, but I can say I have genuinely been feeling my absolute best because of it. And, as always, my vision for this blog is to help y’all do the same. I’m hoping that by sharing what I’ve been doing + the changes I’ve seen will help inspire y’all to make any changes that you have been wanting to make.

I am currently working out 4 evenings a week (moderate to vigorous exercise, for about 45-60 minutes a session) and have switched over to a flexitarian – aka semi-vegitarian – way of eating. The dietary changes have been quite the adjustment; I’m still eating more meat/animal protein than I would like. Right now I tend to be more of a weekday vegan – the weekends are always where I seem to lose a little bit of that discipline. However, I’m giving myself grace because I know this is a change that is going to require a period of transition.

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As far as my fitness routine, that has also been a gradual process – I just started it sooner than I did my diet. Last fall, when I last updated y’all on my workout routine, I was usually going about 2 days a week, sometimes 3 if I was feeling motivated. I was primarily focusing on taking spin classes, which is where I realized that I find a lot of my motivation + routine with the gym by taking classes instead of working out on my own. It helps hold me accountable and keeps me from not following through because I can’t think of what workout I want to do. After a long day at work, the last thing I feel like doing sometimes is designing a workout. Classes also help me make sure I’m pushing myself and not taking too many breaks and only getting half a workout.

My current workout consists of a couple kickboxing/strength classes, a spin class, and a HIIT class.

Kickboxing is something I wanted to try out for so long and finally got around to this year. It is a blast! It’s easily my favorite way to get rid of stress, plus I get a huge confidence boost because I leave feeling like such a badass. In fact, this class has inspired me to get my group fitness certification so I can teach my own classes. It’s exciting to be starting something that will let me feel more in touch with my passions!

Last fall I developed a love for cycling. After messing up my hip last spring, I had to reevaluate how I approached my cardio workouts. For a while I was doing the stairmaster – I still like it as a quick workout because it doesn’t take long to break a sweat – but I noticed it was making an impact on my knees + ankles. Spin, however, is well-known for being low impact and not putting too much stress on your joints (as long as your bike is set up correctly!)

HIIT classes are a lot of fun too – they will wear you out and push you to your limits, but there are so many amazing benefits to HIIT workouts (check out this article to read about them!)

I personally like to keep a variety of workouts in my routine so I don’t risk getting bored and letting myself slip out of the habit of going. I’m sure this routine will change once summertime rolls around since instructors/classes will change at the end of the semester, but as of right now I’m loving what I do! It’s fun getting good workouts in + building a community in the process.

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