wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials

wellness wedensday: what's in my gym bag?

Happy Wednesday, readers! I was a little quieter in February, but I’m working on planning some fun content for y’all for March, starting with a simple post about what I keep in my gym bag!

Just to catch you up on life, for the most part I’ve been working + working out, but this past weekend I got to help celebrate my cousin’s wedding. It was so beautiful and so fun to celebrate with family. They’re such a sweet, beautiful, God-focused couple and it’s an honor to call them family. I even caught the bouquet — I’m taking this as a sign from God that my man’s coming lol But in the meantime I’m happily doing my own thing!

As a lot of y’all already know, one of those things that I love to spend my free time doing is working out. It took quite a bit of time, focus, and discipline to get myself to a point where I truly love + crave working out — it certainly didn’t happen overnight. A lot of my motivation came from wanting to manage some physical ailments (for lack of a better term) of mine, while some of it comes from wanting to lose inches + tone up for my trip to Las Vegas in May for Arbonne’s Global Training Conference.

Since I’ve been integrating the gym more into my daily routine, I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a gym bag handy with all of my essentials, and today I want to give y’all a peek inside!

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wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials

Change of clothes — since I usually go to the gym after work, I make sure I pack my workout outfit with me so I don’t have to go home and risk being tempted to sit down and relax instead.

Extra hair ties — because you really don’t want to be caught without them, amirite ladies?

wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials
wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials

Energy Fizz Sticks — by the end of the work day I always need an energy boost, so I love keeping a stash of fizzies on hand. They’re a much, much better alternative to drinking coffee before a workout lol

Reusable water bottle — pretty much an essential. I feel like my collection of water bottles is probably starting to get out of hand, honestly lol

wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials
wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials
wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials

Wireless headphones — fun fact, before I let myself splurge for my Powerbeats a few years ago, I made myself workout 3 times a week for a month (since I was convincing myself if I bought them, I’d work out more lol Incentivizing is a powerful motivator!) Not having to worry about wires getting in the way of my workout is so nice, and the better sound quality compared to standard headphones helps energize my workouts just that much more.

Towel — Sometimes you just feel really accomplished when you have to wipe the sweat away. It’s the little victories right?

wellness wednesday: my gym bag essentials

Hand sanitizer — especially during flu season, I like to keep the gym germs at bay.

Makeup wipes — I usually don’t wear makeup to the gym, but I like to keep some on hand to wipe my face down after my workout.

It’s pretty straight forward, but I don’t need too much since I go home afterwards to clean up and unwind. What are some of your gym bag essentials?

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