bachelor live blog: colton, week 8

The Bachelor Live Blog: Colton, Week 8

Another week, another recap. This is certainly where the season starts to get unpredictable because you know we’re getting to the people where the most feelings are attached. Hometowns are always fun too because I personally love seeing the family’s genuine reactions to, “are you sure you really want to get married to a guy off a TV show?” lol But without futher ado, here’s week 8!

Is it really an episode of The Bachelor if there’s not a Colton shower scene?

I feel like Caelynn would be the one to say “here, watch my homevideos!!!”


“Bless your heart”

I needed to Colton’s reaction about how to “properly” eat bread in my life.

But it’s okay dude, I don’t eat my bread like that either and I am from the south.

Why…….. should virginity scare someone? Just wondering.

Tayshia is me driving.

lol Colton is not having it with this sky diving dude’s jokes.

Colton praying about wanting to lose his (pre-marital) virginity before jumping out of the plane… lol. Weird flex but ok!!!

Tayshia’s dad out here calling him out for telling all these girls he’s “falling in love with them” !!!!! Thank you!!!!

oof. No blessing tho.

“You don’t microwave relationships” R freakin’ T!!!!

Oh wait jk he got his blessing.

I still swear all Cassie and Colton do is makeout but she’s still the cutest and my favorite.

Seeing Colton flop into the water 15 times gave me life.

I’m all for not wanting to rush a relationship, but for this far in the show Cassie still seems pretty uncertain. And maybe that’s how all of them feel but they just say what they think they need to in order to stay on top. Who knows!!!!

“I have a good idea of what life would look like with her once all this is over,” aka WE CAN MAKE OUT ALL!!! THE!!! TIME!!!!!

oof another blessing not given. Colton’s having a tough break.

So yeah, Cassie’s hometown was kind of a mess.

Byeeeee Caelynn.

Real waterworks or “I them to make me the next Bachelorette so I’m going to act really dramatic” tears? lmk.

Although I’m kind of honest that after all the ups and downs of Cassie’s visit that he didn’t send her home. He must like her a lot. Thus solidifying my hopes and suspicions she’s who he picks in the end.

I know we’re going into fantasy suites, ladiez, but keep it in your pants pleaseeee.

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