bachelor live blog: colton, week 7

Photo: Josh Vertucci/ABC

I tried to make this post as comical and lighthearted as I could, but let’s be real – this show is starting to get the nitty gritty and not much about it is just fun and goofy anymore. The emotions are real and there are tears… so. many. tears.

Ah yes, the typical “let’s consult the former bachelor,” except why are we talking to Ben… who broke up with the girl he ended up with? Asking for a friend.

Tayshia: “I’m not gonna name names, buuuuut… here are 4 of of them.”

I’m not sure how I feel about the comments that Cassie and Caelynn are the ones in the house supposedly “not being ready for marriage.” If you’ve been following this series for long you know that I’ve always kind of felt like Caelynn is a little fake and that she’s not all she makes herself out to be – out of the two being called out here I feel like she’s the one that I can picture being after the fame and attention. As far as Cassie goes, I feel like I don’t have much room to form a solid opinion of her because I feel like the show has given us very little to go off of. My first impression was that she’s really sweet and genuine, but I know we all have not-so-sweet-and-genuine parts of us that we try to keep hidden.

Even listening to Caelynn’s talk with Colton, her words just feel so empty and so rehearsed. It seems like she’s trying to say all the “right things” to make sure that she can stay on the show. Whether that’s to make the heartbreak bigger and further secure a spot as the bachelorette, I don’t know. But I do know I don’t buy her tears (or her words) at all.

But with that being said, Colton is clearly so enamored by Caelynn. The quality of the dates says it all.

Does anybody really go into the bachelor to be friends with the girls trying to get with the same guy? lol


No, wait. I don’t like this conversation with his dad. DO NOT SEND MY GIRL HOME.

Oh no. Oh this is not good.

Here’s what I want to know: Why take a girl you aren’t sure about to meet your family? Seems kind of rude to me to give her a sense of false hope. Did he take her to see if his parents would confirm his feelings? I don’t know fam. This breaks my heart.



Hanna B for The Bachelorette. That’s all I’m sayin.

So apparently Colton is just into boring girls just because they’re hot? lol. Men.

I wouldn’t want to be Hannah G right now, having to sit in the middle of this Cassie/Kirpa show down.

Kirpa who even are you tho?

Caelynn really just gonna waltz right into this, huh?

I’m not surprised Cassie is safe. Kirpa looked like she had zero attachment, her emotions/”crying” in the limo was even fake.


Ultimately here are my thoughts from tonight’s episode: I think it goes without saying that you can’t really trust what you see on reality TV. We’re only getting a small fraction of the story and I can’t tell if these girls keep smack talking each other because they’re jealous or because there’s really something up or what (but I think they’re wasting their time trying to twist Colton’s perspective of each other instead of simply trying to bring out the best of themselves — but I guess maturity is too much to ask for lol) The girls who have been made out to be super crazy are probably fairly normal, and the girls that seem sweet and quiet are probably the most conniving. It’s hard to go off of all the opinions of these girls when we can’t even begin to know who they are off the camera or the majority of what they’ve gone through with each other or on the show. There seems to be a lot of girls saying the same things which makes me think that there is some truth to it, but I don’t know if they’re all talking about the same girls or not – they’re probably all trying to protect their own little cliques. And who’s to say that most of this drama isn’t even created on behalf of the producers? We really will never know but either way, it’s been infuriating to watch unfold lol

Colton’s “ultimate/biggest fear” counter: 5 (there was probably more, but I only caught five of them)

Until hometowns!

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