bachelor live blog: colton, week 6

I really like the screen cap I found for this week’s post because I think it’s an accurate depiction of how we’re all starting to feel about this season. But it’s time to finally let last week’s drama continue (:<

Ah yes, the Onyeka and Nicole drama. I don’t like either of them enough to be listening to them bicker and spew BS about each other. They both deserved to go lol.

Onyeka: “I’m so sad!!!” Well girl, did you ever think about not causing middle school-level drama? Just a thought, anyway.

These dates are becoming less interesting. I feel like their actual thoughts behind the scenes now are just, “LET’S SEE WHO CAN HAVE THE LONGEST MAKEOUT SESSION!!!!”

Thoughts on Hannah G: she’s sweet and soft spoken and I don’t have anything against her, she just doesn’t seem very interesting?

Demi practically makes every group date a one-on-one by constantly trying to be the center of attention. He probably just doesn’t feel like he needs a one-on-one with her?

Hannah B sure does growl a lot… like, lol

There’s a lot of whining this episode and it’s kind of getting on my nerves.

Sydney and Tayshia whining about Hannah B but I feel like she has one of the better personalities here – she actually feels interesting and fun. I know I don’t see everything but some of you girls just seem uptight.

Wait, now Sydney’s sending herself home??? Not that I feel like she’s a huge loss, she was never very interesting. But sheesh, what a season.

OOF HANNAH B’S FACE WHEN TAYSHIA GOT THE GROUP ROSE. Yikes. Control yourself, girlfriend.

This Demi walking through the thunder + lightning tho. What an entrance.

This episode is wild. Now Demi’s being sent home? It’s about time in my book. In all honesty, she’s probably a lot more normal than this show made her look but I really was getting tired of her anyway.

Did anyone else feel like Katie reminded them of Vanessa from Gossip Girl? Just me? Okay.

I really am starting to feel bad for Colton at this point – these girls just seem like they’re speaking out in jealousy + anger (which I guess can be understood) but come on – stop threatening him with this whole idea of “the other girls aren’t ready.” Like, of course they’re not ready they’re all like 23 years old lol but stop freaking the guy out. I don’t blame him for hopping the fence anymore and I don’t even know what officially triggers it.

Well we are starting to finally get to the nitty-gritty of this season… it might be time to bring the rosé back soon.

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