the southern sooner takes on youtube!

I knew this day would come eventually, but I am so excited to announce that my first YouTube video is officially LIVE! 2019 has already been a huge year for the blog with over 2,150 views in January. Perhaps a small feat to some, but I could not help but be blown away by the Lord’s goodness as His hand has become so evidently present in The Southern Sooner’s growth.

If you read the post I Am Unlimited, you probably got the vibe that 2019 is a big year in terms of vision for me. I have been delving into prayer + praise knowing that God is going to do so much in me and my life this year – The Southern Sooner is part of that vision, in whichever way the Lord guides me.

I’m excited to be extending the blog in this way. As of right now it is unclear how often I will be posting – I have some ideas for what I would like to do but as always, it will come down to timing and resources to be able to actually execute those plans. But for right now, I hope you enjoy my FIRST makeup tutorial! Complete with smokey eye, winged eye liner, and lots of goofs! I have to apologize, the majority of this video is ever so slightly out of focus and it drives me nuts, but it’s only my first video (and the auto-focus on my camera is currently out of order) so I’m going to cut myself a little slack. I hope you guys enjoy this quirky, fun getting ready with me! I look forward to bringing y’all some more videos soon!

This post may include affiliate link(s), meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase. For the link to my replicated Arbonne site, you can visit my affiliations + discounts tab.

Arbonne Makeup Primer
Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Soft Blush
Arbonne The Real Conceal, Light
Arbonne Setting Pretty Translucent Setting Powder
Arbonne Shape It Up Brow Pencil, Light
Arbonne Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream, Light/Medium
Tartette Amazonian Clay – Super Mom, Natural Beauty, Best Friend, Fashionista, and Bombshell
Tartelette In Bloom – Funny Girl
Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen
Arbonne It’s a Fine Line Pencil Eye Liner, Carbon
Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara
KISS Blowout Lashes, Pageboy
Tarteist Pro Glow – Shade, Sculpt, Strobe, and Stunner
Arbonne Blush, Dusty Rose
Arbonne Lip Liner, Peach
RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lady Love
Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener, Stella

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