bachelor live blog: colton, episode 5

Posting this recap a little late again you guys, sorry! But they certainly packed a lot of drama into this episode, it was getting hard to keep up with all the different thoughts I had running through my head… and it’s just that point of the season when all the drama starts snowballing out of control.

“Hey Heather, so we spent too much money on Caelynn’s shopping spree so here Heather, you get a rickety boat and get to chill on this here dock.”

Uh, wait. What happened to Kirpa’s chin? Are just going to ignore that?

Elyse has already been on a one-on-one and she’s freaking out. There are still other girls that haven’t.

Did anyone else feel awkward watching them make small talk? lol

So does this mean that Heather’s “job description” is going to change to “has finally been kissed” ?

WOW, okay Elyse is taking this jealousy so far. No one else has had a second one-on-one either, it’s not just you?

So let me get this straight – Elyse goes to Colton wanting confirmation that he’s into their relationship, he gives it to her (and even if he does feel better connections with other girls, which he clearly does, but he still gave her a very genuine answer, I feel like) and for like the fifth time she wants to whine about YoU’rE bReAkInG mY hEaRt!!!! I’m confused. She gets so worked up because he’s sharing his time with other girls – hunny. You are on the bachelor??? I’m just not sure what you really expected.

This survival date cracks me up but also makes me cringe. I would definitely be on the team going to get cheeseburgers.

I do not like Demi and Onyeka teaming up, good lord. Poor Colton.

Am I the only one that feels like other girls spend way too much of their one-on-one time talking about other girls.

We need a Colton’s greatest fear/nightmare counter this episode, geez. Next episode, take a shot everytime he says “my greatest fear is…”

YAAAAS my girl Hannah getting the group date rose!

I love that Cassie finally got a one-on-one, she is still my favorite – I just feel like she hasn’t gotten much attention until this point.

Did Kirpa just… floss his teeth? lmao

Okay if Colton doesn’t get rid of both Onyeka and Nicole tonight I’ll be disappointed. Neither of them are interesting enough to be causing this much drama.

I am Hannah *sips wine*

These girls are literally acting like they’re 14!!! I’m done.


Okay, well I guess that’s it for this week – I’m starting to think it’s going to come down to Caelynn and Cassie and the final two. Who do you think it’s going to come down to? Let me know!

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