bachelor live blog: colton, episode 4

Hello readers! I know this post is a little late, I ended up going to the OU basketball game last night so I didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s episode until this morning! And naturally, trying to watch an hour and a half long episode turns into a 3 hour ordeal when you’re trying to watch at work. But alas, here is my live blog of the latest drama! I have to say, this one was full of it!

Wow, Chris Harrison calling Hannah Caelynn off the bat? Yikes. This episode is off to a wonderful start! (((((:

Again, I don’t know the full story of what really happened between the beauty queens but I still feel like Caelynn if a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “I’ve moved past it,” probably because you’re cold hearted and were the one doing most of the backstabbing? It’s just how she carries herself. I can’t explain it.

Again, Demi needs to sToOoP emphasizing Colton’s virginity!!!! Every episode she just confirms she’s only here to steal a V-card.

Let’s be real, I don’t think I could go through with this bungy jump date y’all. But Tayshia is very cute and sweet. I’m not sure I see her making it to the end, but she’s a sweetheart.

My opinion on the girls complaining about Caelynn getting the one-on-one:

  1. Hannah B – Caelynn’s not my favorite but you’ve already had a one-on-one? Chill.
  2. Demi – just shut up pls. He probably doesn’t even feel comfortable being with you??? The producers are just keeping you on for the drama.

Leeches? ok byeeeee.

Courtney: “Are they FDA approved?”

Demi: “I have the sweetest blood ever” – um, or the most toxic blood? Seems more fitting.

I hope we start to see more Cassie. She’s still my favorite. She’s so sweet and non-dramatic.

I respect Courtney some for not wanting to be domineering or disrespect the other girls’ time, but she doesn’t do anything to stand out, she just sits there and complains.

Okay, and for once, Demi was being semi-nice and trying to encourage her and now Courtney wants to throw hands at Demi because… she dragged her own feet…?

Again I say, Demi is mistaking arrogance as “confidence” and it’s getting on my nerves.

Wait. Noooooo Colton don’t give Demi the rose!!!! Ugh.

Okay Courtney, pls. You really don’t have anyone but yourself to blame that you didn’t talk to him. You didn’t even try.

Nothing screams favoritism like “I’m going to give you a bunch of stuff to flash in front of all the other girls.”

While she may not be my favorite but I do have immense amount of respect for her sharing her story on national television.

Courtney: “it’s not a show” ???? Girl you are literally on THE BACHELOR, like…

I have no words for Demi… just wow. Demi is just so toxic and AWFUL, it hurts!

Oof. Until next week, my friends.

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