my evening routine: skincare + at-home teeth whitening

Hello my loves! I’ve had a lot of requests for routine-type posts, but truthfully I feel like it took me until the last few months to get a truly good routine going. I remember when I graduated college I thought it would be so easy to have a routine when it was the same schedule every day, no homework to come home to, or whatever the case might have been, but I found that finding my “adult” routine took a lot of trial and error. Also, with all my skincare changes between treating acne, Accutane, and now coming off Accutane, I haven’t been sticking with one particular routine for long, so I waned to make sure I found the skincare + beauty products that I knew I wanted to stick with before sharing. And I’m so excited because I have the opportunity to host another giveaway here on The Southern Sooner – so be sure to keep reading for details!

This post includes affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can visit my replicated Arbonne site at

A lot of what I actually do in the evenings is pretty basic – I typically swing by the gym on my way home from work, just because I know if I try and go home first, I’ll never make it back out (see: making time for the gym with a busy schedule). But whenever I get home it’s pretty much straight to the blender to make my protein shake for dinner and then making sure Arlyn gets taken care of.

I’m an evening shower-er, too (especially if I’ve worked out lol). I just prefer to not have to cram it into my already busy morning routine. I just think it feels best to crawl into bed in the evenings clean + refreshed. I’m planning on bringing y’all a blog post later on in 2019 about what I use in my hair in at night!

There are a couple beauty routines I’m religious about in the evenings. The first is that I always make sure I was my face. Not only am I trying to make sure I don’t break out, but to prevent premature aging. I’ve heard from multiple sources that going a night without washing your face ages your skin 4 days! No thanks. I also make sure that whatever I use on my face doesn’t contain a bunch of nasty ingredients (see: beauty beneath the surface)

Since finishing up Accutane, skincare has become a lot more fun because I can actually see how it’s affecting the texture of my skin without the distraction or added stress of trying to treat acne. Even though I’m a twenty-something, anti-aging skincare is my go-to. I’m trying to keep the best care of my skin now so I’m not struggling to fix it later! As a lot of you probably guessed, Arbonne’s RE9 line has been my holy grail – I finally got my hands on the whole set a couple weeks ago and I can already tell it’s fixing up my problem spots – I’ve even been getting some DM’s from some followers in the last week saying they notice a difference in my skin. It might look like a lot of steps but this routine only takes about 2-3 minutes – it’s that easy! Here are the steps I’ve been using.


The smoothing facial cleanser is exactly that – super silky smooth. I’ve struggled with other pearlescent facial cleansers in the past because I feel like they don’t give you a very deep clean, but when I wipe down my face during the step 2, I have little to no dirt + grime on the wipe. Heavy makeup days might require a double cleanse, but that’s to be expected. This cleanser is for all skin types but it’s definitely hydrating, so it’d be especially good for anyone with dry skin!


This is one of my favorite steps! The resurfacing pads help clean up whatever dirt the cleanser didn’t get and helps eliminate dead skin cells for better application + maximum absorption of the other products in my regimen. I’ve noticed it also helps with dark spots and making my skin look more radiant!

The Ultra device is where I have fun. In Arbonne we kind of like to call this an iron for your face. It emits gentle, low-level ultrasound waves to help push the product onto the various layers of the skin by getting into the ridges. It warms up just enough to want to massage your face with it forever! I use it all over my face but I especially like to focus it on my forehead and smile lines.


This is the first misting toner I’ve used, but I love it. This step is pretty simple, all I need is 2-3 spritzes over my face to get that nice refreshing feel + more even skin tone. I’ll usually come in with my hands and make sure it gets evenly distributed across my face and then let it set to dry before moving on to the next step.


If you read my November raves and rejects post you’re familiar with the intensive renewal serum. It’s one of my all time favorite products because it’s left my skin feeling the smoothest it’s ever felt. It’s a super light formula but it’s so effective at locking in moisture – all I need is two pumps to cover my face and bring it down to my neck some. I love that with all these products a little bit goes such a long way!

What I love about the night repair cream is that it’s a light, creamy formula. The smallest amount spreads out across my face so effortlessly – all I use is a dime to penny sized amount (moisturizers I’ve used in the past – both name brand and drug store alike – feel like they dry up almost instantly as I’m trying to apply them so it’s taken taken 2-3 times as much to cover my face!) This night repair cream has collagen-supporting properties that helps with the skin’s natural reparative cycle while you sleep!


Odds are, you’re going to hear about this eye cream again because this is another product that could be used synonymously with “liquid gold” in my book. I have always had a lot of creasing under my eyes and this bad boy fixed that problem right up. All I need is one pump – rub onto my fingertips on both hands and dab underneath my eyes. Some nights I’ll just rub it in as normal, but most nights I try to come back in with the Genius Ultra to give it that extra push.

The second thing I’m always sure to incorporate into my evening routine is teeth whitening. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten ready to go out with some friends or out on a date and was completely feeling myself, until I smiled and all the ghosts of coffees + wine stains past were the only thing I could see.

I choose to invest in at-home treatments versus $500+ professional treatments, especially whenthe at-home kits are so effective and affordable. I have tried a couple kits in the past, but I came across Smile Brilliant and I was sold with how easy it is to whiten while still going about my evening.

I’ve used other whitening kits before, so what stands out to me about Smile Brilliant in particular is that the custom trays are comfortable and that there’s no bulky LED lights, making it easy to continue life as normal as you whiten – because if I’m being honest, the thing that kept me from maintaining a regular whitening routine in the past was that it required that I drop everything to do. With Smile Brilliant, I move about the house (without feeling like I look ridiculous with a big LED light hanging out of my mouth), can carry conversations, and on a couple occasions I’ve even gone out to run some quick errands. I love that life doesn’t have to stop while I whiten.

In the few short weeks I’ve been using it my smile has become noticeably brighter and it feels so good – my smile has become something I want to show off again! But I am so so so excited because Smile Brilliant wants to give one of you lucky readers your own free whitening kit!


The giveaway is now closed, but you can use code SOUTHERNSOONER20 at Smile Brilliant’s website for 20% off your order!

This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies who support The Southern Sooner.

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