how I’m getting organized in 2019

I love the new year because there’s so much determination in the air to get various areas of our lives together in hopes that maybe it’ll stay that way. I love spring cleaning but I try and get organized and purge unnecessary items long before March. Starting off the year a little bit lighter and less burdened by material things just feels good. So for any of you that are looking to do the same, here’s what I’m doing to start 2019 off organized!


This one felt good. I had so much junk tucked away “just in case,” but it felt good to be honest with myself about whether I really needed half the stuff I had stashed away. I threw out so many bottles of drug store and prescription face washes I knew I wasn’t going to ever use again, bottles of expired foundation, old sunscreens… the list goes on. There was definitely a part of me that felt wasteful throwing away half-full bottles of face wash, but I feel better knowing I’ve gotten rid of the things I know deep down I wasn’t going to use, especially since I’ve started switching to cleaner products.


I have quite a few storage bins under my bed, tucked up on the shelves in my closet, and in my cubby organizer. My thought process is to make sure things aren’t floating around in plain sight. I’ve moved my makeup into my cubby organizer to move the visible clutter off my desk.

Jeans and other various articles of clothing that don’t fit in my drawers and do not hang up easily are stored in fabric storage bins in my closet so they’re not an eye sore, and extra blankets and pillows are in large plastic containers underneath my bed. I’m not actually much of a minimalist, but I like to remove as much from sight as possible.


I swear by my planner. Between blogging, building my network marketing business, having a social life, needing to keep track of my to-do’s, finances, meal planning… all that fun stuff, I need one place to keep all my thoughts. As a student I could get away with a weekly planner, but for 2019 I switched to a daily planner that has room for my to jot down whatever I need to in order to keep my thoughts straight. I’m currently using Corie Clark’s Purposeful Planner and I am in love!


I’m the worst about hoarding t-shirts and clothes I know I don’t fit in or wear anymore, so I forced myself to really go through what I had and decide whether it was worth holding onto or not. Then I took it a step further by finally hopping on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and it really has revolutionized how I see laundry (my most hated chore).

It was stressful seeing my closets, drawers, and storage bins in a large pile in the middle of my room. But there was something about it that put it in perspective and as I picked up each piece of clothing, I really did feel more challenged to think about whether it was something I really wanted to keep or not. I definitely have a decent pile to donate now!

It didn’t particularly save space in my in my instance, but one, I’m glad I got rid of some things, and two, it’s just become so much nicer to see all my clothes instead of having to rip into piles to find the shirt I’m looking for. It feels so intimidating in the beginning but in my experience, this method was so worth it!


I have been challenging myself to take just 10-15 minutes of my day to find something to organize or clean. That can be drawers, going through + shredding up junk mail, emptying trash bins, organizing cabinets, wiping down counters, dusting, whatever the case may be. Sometimes it takes doing things in pieces to get to the results we want.

I might not be as inspirational as Marie Kondo but I hope that this has stirred up some motivation to start your year with a clearer plate. Get organizing!

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