my favorite apps for instagram as a blogger

Instagram is fun + games for the most part, but if you’re a blogger then you know that it goes a lot deeper than simply being a social media platform – it’s a promotional tool that requires strategy. Between algorithms and planning a feed but also appealing to what your followers want to see and keeping it fun but also promoting… it’s a lot to keep track of. So here are a few apps that I have found made my Instagram easier to work with.

Adobe Lightroom. Perhaps not readily available to just anyone since it’s through a subscription to Adobe, but it is so much easier to manipulate lighting and color versus VSCO, which is what I was using before. As a blogger you always hear about the importance of having a consistent theme, and I feel like Lightroom has made it easier to tweak pictures however I need to in order to have it fit the rest of my general theme.

Planoly. Piggy-backing off of feeds having consistent themes, I’ve found that planning apps are key. There are a lot of feed-planning/scheduling apps, but this one is my favorite that I’ve used so far. It’s got a cute, simple layout and is easy to use. And you can create hashtag groups so you can copy relevant hashtags over to your caption (and they can be edited if need be!) As a blogger, keeping track of hashtags has always been a struggle, so I love that this app makes it so simple! The free version allows 30 uploads per 30 days, but the cheapest subscription allows unlimited uploads to one account. Plus, they send out cute scheduling resources to your email.

Tailwind. If you have a subscription you can do a lot more with this tool, but the basic function of this app that I love is that it helps you generate + select hashtags based off relevance and how competitive certain tags are. Whatever I end up putting together here, I copy over into a new hashtag group in Planoly so I have it to use again in the future.

Unfold + Canva. These are more for Instagram stories, but most bloggers understand the struggle of making sure everything looks put together + captures attention, and sometimes typical Instagram story settings don’t allow for that. These apps allow for various layouts, fonts, backgrounds, etc so you can have more fun with it. Canva makes it easy to make custom graphics for nearly every need/social media platform!

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