full body cardio workout

First of all, I’m going to ask that you please excuse all the mirror selfies in this post lol I moved this post up a couple weeks due to demand so I worked with what I had. BUT. Onto the actual point of this post. Since we’re all motivated and hitting the gym right now, I wanted to give you guys one of my favorite workout routines to try out. I think it can get really easy – especially for us women – to hop on the treadmill every workout and call it good. And while it’s a good starting point to get comfortable with the gym and its atmosphere, strength training is where you’re going to find some of your best results.

It doesn’t mean you have to get on the bench press or the machines that scare you. In fact, I personally prefer free weight exercises that engage both upper and lower body at the same time because not only do they activate my core (yay, abs!!!!) but they get my heart pumping more than when I’m only working one muscle group at a time, so I feel like I get a 2-for-1.

I love this routine because it really gets me going and feeling good, but I will warn you that if you want to do the full circuit it might take some time. Granted, this was my second workout coming back from the holidays so I was a little out of practice and needed to stop for breathers.

This workout was heavily inspired by this Spotebi workout, but I changed some exercises here and there to what fit me a little better. They have detailed instructions on how to do certain exercises if you’re unfamiliar with how a certain move goes.

3 sets of each of the following:

reverse lunge press, 30 seconds / side

kettlebell swing, 60 seconds

extended leg chest press, 45 seconds

curtsy lunges with side kicks, 30 seconds / side

balance chops, 30 seconds / side

rolling medicine ball pushups, 45 seconds

wood chops, 30 seconds / side

split squat curl, 30 seconds / side

resistance band side steps with dumbbell, 30 seconds / side

glute bridges + added weight on hips, 60 seconds

Make modifications and changes where necessary! You can find a youtube video explaining how to properly do just about any of these moves and how to modify them. For me, I couldn’t do a lot of the weight/plank combos because of the joint pain in my wrists, so I had to replace those exercises.

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes for you down in the comments!

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