4 tips for making time for the gym with a busy schedule

It’s always easy to get to the gym in the beginning of the new year when we feel all motivated, but then the reality of life sets back in and our schedules tend to get in the way of our good intentions.

The brutal truth I had to tell myself when I was letting my schedule get in the way of my going to the gym is this: it’s an excuse. It might be true, but if it’s something that’s important to you, you’ll make time. Since I’ve had to learn this firsthand, I wanted to give y’all some tips on how I did it for myself!

Just know that going to the gym doesn’t have to be an hours long ordeal – especially if you’re a beginner – so it doesn’t have to be an activity that requires you clear your schedule and push other responsibilities or plans to the side. The trick is to slide it into your schedule where it feels natural!

Wake up earlier. If you’re a morning person, this might be easy for you. I personally work out in the evening but the benefit of making time in the morning is that it decreases the possibility of your upcoming workout to be interrupted by things like errands or social events. But if one of your reasons for never getting to the gym is that something always comes up, this would be my recommendation. It might be challenging at first but you’d get used to the routine!

Go to a gym on your regular route. This was the option I chose for myself – I knew I had no reason not to go to the gym if I passed by it every single day after work. This way you don’t talk yourself out of going by saying it’s out of the way.

Decide what days you’re going. Whether you sit down on Sunday and plan out what days work best that week or you set out a regular routine is up to you. Since my weeks are pretty cut and dry, I have a set routine – always Tuesdays + Thursdays, and then sometimes Sunday or Monday, depending on what’s going on. It’s okay to give yourself leeway! Two days a week is a good starting point if you’re concerned about going all in too fast, and start upping it once you get comfortable + more into it.

Keep a packed gym bag in your car. One of my biggest pit falls when it came to getting myself to the gym was going home first. I’d get home and get my dog all excited and then I’d get comfortable and didn’t feel like leaving. So, I always bring everything I need with me to work so that way I don’t have to go home first and risk discouraging myself from going.

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