january events in okc

Happy, happy new year! I’ll have to admit, listing out the notable events going on in the OKC area was much less of an undertaking this month versus for December. The holidays are fun but I think I learned the hard way there’s a lot more going on than I realized. As far as January goes, if sports are your thing, you’re in luck!

I’ve included the events that I thought would be most interesting to try out, but you can always visit https://www.visitokc.com/events and https://www.visitnorman.com/events to look around at other events going on.

one-time events

1/5, OU Men’s Basketball vs Oklahoma Stateinfo

1/8, OKC Thunder vs Minnesota Timberwolvesinfo

1/12, OKC Thunder vs San Antonio Spursinfo

1/12, OU Men’s Basketball vs TCUinfo

1/17, OKC Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakersinfo

1/19, Glitterball: Moulin Rouge – if you miss prom or you’re just into getting really dressed up when you can, here’s an event for you! info

1/19, Kane Browninfo

1/21, OU Women’s Gymnastics vs TWU, Iowa Stateinfo

1/22, OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazersinfo

1/24, OKC Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicansinfo

1/26, Justin Timberlakeinfo

1/26, Norman Chocolate Festivalinfo

1/26, OU Men’s Basketball vs Vanderbiltinfo

1/28, OU Men’s Basketball vs Baylorinfo


The Dinner Detective – comedy detective show and a 4-course meal? I’ve never been but it’s definitely something I’d be interested in trying out sometime. info

Devon Ice Rink – open through January 27th! info

Phantom of the Opera – one of my favorite broadway musicals! From January 9-20, info

Louie’s Grill + Bar Trivia Nights – every Monday at 7! info

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