december raves + rejects

All I have to say is that the Christmas hangover is r e a l this year, you guys! This Christmas was a little different than most because my grandparents got to spend their holiday with my cousin on the west coast. I can definitely speak for the rest of my family when I say their presence was missed, but we had a really good time celebrating just the five of us. It’s certainly left me feeling so so so blessed.

But now it’s time for another month of raves + rejects! The raves were certainly easy to do, but the rejects were hard to decide on since I’ve been in Texas – away from Oklahoma where all the items I consider a “reject” are – so I couldn’t simply sort through my things and go, “oh yeah, I don’t like this” lol. But somehow, I managed. this post includes affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

r a v e s

Jade Roller // I swear by this little tool!!! It rolls away all tension from my facial muscles and leaves me feeling relaxed. There’s a smaller roller at the opposite end of the one pictured for rolling tighter spaces. It’s especially good for massaging my jaws + upper cheek bone – those always seem to be the most tense areas of my face. You can browse all sorts of different jade rollers on Amazon, but for anyone wondering which brand I have, FabFitFun sent subscribers the Sherrie Matthews Acupuncture Jade Stone Roller ($45 retail value).

Brilliant Eye Brightener by Thrive Causemetics // This is another FabFitFun find that has made highlighting my eyes so much easier! I can notice a significant difference in how much brighter my eyes look when I added it into my routine. I generally use it under my brow, in the corner of my eyes, and to my bottom wet line to add that eye-brightening effect. Mine came in shade “Stella” which is a champagne shimmer, but it also comes in “Aurora” which is a rose gold shimmer. There’s a lot of product in this stick, so I’m not worried about running out anytime soon.

Gentle Leader // obviously not a beauty product but if you have a large, strong fur baby that loves to pull you around on walks, then you n e e d the Gentle Leader! My vet recommended it to me and I think it was well worth the $25 investment. No other walking solution has been nearly as effective in keeping Arlyn from dragging me down the sidewalk to the dog park or to race to a nearby dog. It’s non-restrictive, so I don’t have to worry about feeling like others think I’m being inhumane. It took Arlyn a few walks to get used to, but now our walks are infinitely more pleasant.

r e j e c t s

Ish Lip Palette // This is something I received from FabFitFun, I was excited for it at first because I’ve seen people use palettes before, but I have to say that this was a dud for me. The colors did not look nearly as flattering in practice as they do in the pans – even when I try and mix shades to find something that might match my skin tone a little bit more, I just don’t see the results I want. I feel like my skin tone can just be complicated when it comes to lip colors, so maybe others would have better luck with this palette than I did.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant // I have tried this brand on at least 3 different occasions, each time hoping I’d have a better experience than the last. I refuse to use deodorants that have heavy metals and a bunch of nasties, but I’m the first to admit that natural deodorants can be so useless when it comes to preventing body odor. Schmidt’s was the one natural brand that kept the body odor at bay, but I broke out with the absolute w o r s t rashes about 2 weeks in. At first I really wanted to think it was just the particular scent, but after trying 2 other scents, I came to realize it was just the brand. A bit of a bummer, but it is what it is – I’ve had a couple friends have luck with it, but I personally would not recommend spending the $5-9 (depending on where you shop) on this deodorant.

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