what christmas means to me

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve! There’s just been so much holiday excitement this month that it came before I knew it. I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season and spending time with their loved ones. I know that the holidays don’t bring as much joy to everyone, whether it was just a bad year or the holidays hold hard memories in general, but I hope that regardless of the circumstances that everyone has gotten to experience some peace + joy during the buzz.

I wanted to take some time to share a couple reasons why the Christmas season is so special to me.

Now that I live in Oklahoma, Christmas has come to be about a lot more than just the hustle + bustle. I have always been so close with my family, and while I am blessed that the Lord kept me in Oklahoma for the time being to teach me important lessons in learning how to “adult,” it’s still hard for me at times to not be particularly nearby my family. Thankfully, my job offers me plenty of time off – both personal and holiday time – to be able to take extended trips home to get some much needed rest + relaxation away from Norman and to spend true quality time with my family.

I realize it’s things like longer weekends and longer breaks I had as a college student that made coming home so easy to take for granted. I always loved getting to come home, but I never truly realized how little time I would get as a young professional to try and enjoy the same things.

And as for the religious side of the “reason for the season,” I’m sure it’s no shock to those of you who have been around The Southern Sooner long since I’m definitely not shy about my faith. I’m not about to recant the story of Christmas, because whether you’re a regular church-goer or not, odds are that you already know it and you don’t need me to tell you.

But I will talk about how overwhelmingly blessed I feel to think that our all-powerful God was so humble to come to earth. That He would come knowing He was going to die a horrible death to save my soul – to save your soul – from the sin that would otherwise sentence us to a life + death away from Him. That He loved me – He loved you – so much that He didn’t want to have eternal life without us. That when He was dying on the cross, He burdened every hurt, every fear, every panic attack, every depressive episode – He felt it all so we could have the opportunity to lay it all at His feet and surrender.

When He came to earth, He bridged the gap between Him and man so that a relationship could exist. That when we struggle with mental health, when we struggle to get through heartbreak, when we struggle with fears of the future, when we struggle with death and illness, we didn’t have to feel like we were going through it alone. But similarly, when we feel overjoyed with life, we can turn to Him and know that His direct hand in our lives guided us the whole time – that things didn’t happen by chance, but because a God that has nothing but love for us specifically led us through the dark times to bring us to the light.

The kind of relationship we can have with God today would not be nearly what it is if it wasn’t for His coming to earth as a man in the most humble way possible – as a baby, born to save the souls of man. Whether He was really born at this time of the year or not, it’s always good to have the excuse to celebrate the Love that’s changed my life, and likely its entire trajectory.

My readers, I don’t know what this holiday season has been like for you or where you stand in your faith, but I know that even in the midst of hard times, knowing why Jesus’ coming was so important, not just in the sense of saving our souls, but to be our healer, our Prince of Peace, our hope, our joy, our comforter in times of need and desperation, has always been crucial in getting through the hard times, as well as making the good times even sweeter.

I hope you all have a merry, merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with your loved ones!

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