christmastime bucket list

christmas bucket list

It’s officially the Christmas season and I cannot wait to finally indulge in the festivities, whether it be in the comfort of my own home or by going out with friends. I just posted about the fun events specifically going on in the OKC area, but for today’s post, here are some general ideas of what I want to do that might help you jump start your own Christmastime plans.

l i g h t     f e s t i v a l s

Christmas lights are so pretty and so much fun! A simple pleasure, but sometimes it’s the little things we need to enjoy and soak in. Clearly this is an activity that is best enjoyed with a group, whether it be friends or family. Here are a couple going on in the OKC area:

  • Chickasha Festival of Lights (details)
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (details)
  • Downs Family Christmas Lights (details)
  • Ardmore Festival of Lights (details)
b a k i n g

It’s basically a must. I’m personally a sucker for homemade sugar cookies and getting to use the Christmas cookie cutter shapes, but there are so many fun recipes for the Christmas season. Here are some recipes I look forward to trying out!

i c e     s k a t i n g

This is an activity that’s available all year round, but it’s something I find more enticing during Christmastime, especially because I prefer outdoor skating rinks to indoor. Here are a couple outdoor rinks in the OKC area:

h o m e m a d e     h o t     c o c o a

While it’s significantly easier to just pour a packet of hot cocoa mix into some hot milk, homemade hot chocolates are so rich and can be so unique! Here are some recipes to try.

hot chocolatesvia blendtec
g i n g e r b r e a d     h o u s e s

I personally love getting together with a group of friends and making a competition out of who can construct the best house, but obviously it can be done just for fun, too.

a c t s     o f     k i n d n e s s

Not that you need Christmas to be kind, but obviously it’s the season of giving. Whether you start a “pay it forward” chain, give gifts to teachers or your mailman, or deliver cookies to your neighbors, it’s the best time to spread some cheer.

w h i t e     e l e p h a n t

This is not necessarily one of those activities you’ll have a hard time crossing off a Christmas to do list – it’s pretty easy to stumble upon if you attend a Christmas party during the season. It’s always funny to see what people come up with, whether it’s more serious or more funny. Here’s a brief list of some funny gift exchange ideas for less than $20!

m o v i e     m a r a t h o n

Range it anywhere from animated classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph to The Grinch and Elf to cheesy Hallmark/Netflix Christmas rom-coms. Whenever I go home, Hallmark is on 24/7 so I can speak from experience that having a Christmas movie marathon will definitely get you in the Christmas mood.


Just like an act of kindness, you don’t need Christmas to do so, but it is the time of year in which giving is laid on our hearts. Whether it be money, clothes, toys, hygiene products, or even your time, it’s a perfect opportunity to spread love around your community.

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