4 things I’m thankful for

happiest of thanksgivings to you, readers! I can’t believe holiday season is upon us already – it’s really going to be the new year before we know it. but until then… TURKEY. and lots of it! I wanted to take today to express gratitude for some things that have been laid on my heart this year. obviously my list could go for ages, but I’m capping myself at four things that are standing out to me right now!

God’s Provision

I’m thankful that I have a God that can see what’s best for me when I can’t. I’ve learned God tugs on our heart strings for reasons that might not be entirely understood in the moment, but with God, obedience breeds clarity. this has also shown me that God never allows something to be taken away without giving us back more than we had ever imagined. similarly, we don’t go through rough times without becoming stronger, smarter, and better for it. my faith is something that I would never take for granted because it is the one thing that keeps me hopeful and joyful through the challenges, and I’m thankful that I am a child of God


 –   J O H N   1 3 : 7   –

my tribe

friendship is a beautiful gift. it’s even more beautiful when you surround yourself with people who are truly genuine with you and have a positive outlook. life might not be perfect for them all the time, but the ones who still make a point of radiating positivity + kindness are the ones I like to keep around. I feel especially cheesy these days because I feel like August-October was just a time of feeling kicked around by life – I kept my head up, but it was because of these amazing friends of mine that made sure I had fun and always had someone to lean on is what made it easier and kept life fun when circumstances tried so hard to convince me otherwise – yet another way God’s provision has been huge in my life by bringing me the exact people I needed!


–   P R O V E R B S   1 8 : 2 4   –

outfit details:     “beloved” tee   |   utility jacket   |   jeans   |    booties (similar)   |   necklace
my goofy family

you didn’t think I would do a thankfulness post without including my family, did you? I’ve been a little sappy when it comes to family on my social media, partially because life events have triggered some homesickness, but the distance these past few years has helped me realize that family is something you can never take for granted. words can’t quite express how blessed I feel to have parents who raised me into the woman that I am, who have continually poured wisdom into me, and have always encouraged me to go after what I want in life; not only that, but that I have two incredible younger sisters that are my best friends, make me laugh, and challenge me to be a better person. but as I reflect on how blessed I am to have this amazing family, it forces me to acknowledge that not everyone has had two physically + emotionally present parents or a close friendship with their siblings. enough as it is, being 200 miles away (a totally drivable but annoying distance) from my family has been tough these past few months – so to anyone that’s nearby family, do not take it for granted!

the southern sooner

I am so so thankful that I decided to start this blog nearly two and a half years ago. I didn’t have an exact vision when I started it (and even these days it feels like it’s always changing) but as I have tried to build it, it’s been the perfect way to express my passions + share wisdom I feel like the Lord has given me. plus, the blogging world has brought me to new people who have grown to be such great friends in my every day life. I still hope that someday this little blog will grow to be bigger than I ever could have imagined so I can reach more with the passions the Lord has laid on my heart, but for now I am simply grateful for the opportunity to share about health + life and to grow as both an individual and a writer.

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