favorite instagram accounts, nov 2018

happy friday friends! I’m working on getting some fun posts up for you guys, but I’m still in the process of getting all the details in order. so, to tide me over until I can do that, I wanted to do something fun + simple – share my current favorites from instagram! it’s so hard to narrow it down to just a few instagram accounts, but I’ll likely do more of these posts because I love getting to share other bloggers or influencers that inspire me in my every day life. be sure to check out their accounts and show them some love + support!

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laurenkaysims – my top blogging inspiration (we actually went to high school together – she’s a few years older than I am and we were obviously never buddy/buddy, but I still take some pride in that tidbit lol) I may never be as fashionable, but I always love her content and find myself dreaming of having my own boulder, co lifestyle. plus she just had the cutest baby girl and I can’t get enough of her.


averyhoneycutt – my friend and arbonne sponsor, but I followed her for over a year before we actually met + got to know each other. beauty/makeup guru and easily one of the most beautiful people on the inside + out.


lizmariegalvan – my mom introduced me to this instagram account and I am in love with the farmhouse vibes. I am out here pulling so much decorating inspo from her because her house is my absolute goal! plus she has the most adorable pets!


griffinmckenzie – she has such a fun balance of health + wellness and lifestyle. she’s so real and transparent about her personal mental + physical struggles, which I have nothing but the upmost respect for.


ourfauxfarmhouse – again, I’m a sucker for the white farmhouse vibe, so I love pulling interior design inspo from their account!


fitnessforthewhole – another health + wellness account I love! she really does encompass wellness as a whole and shares so much encouragement and inspiration, most of which is posted at a time when I truly needed to see it most. I love her sweet, genuine spirit and you will too!


cupofkenz – her feed right now gives me all the fall + thanksgiving feels! but overall I love the simplicity and coziness of her account. super cute, super sweet!

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