perfectly binge-worthy shows to watch this fall

fall + winter are the perfect times to binge watch tv shows! cozying up in bed – whether it be with your dog, significant other, bestie, or by yourself with a hot cup of tea and popcorn – is ten times more fun during this time of year when the air is chilly and you can comfortably wrap yourself in layers of blankets. so light your autumn candles and start bingeing, whether it’s your first time watching or your 3rd!


gilmore girls – not only is this mother-daughter duo a hoot to watch, but I swear that stars hallow is the picture perfect little town. whenever fall and winter roll around I always wish so badly I can be there myself. plus you get to take it a step further and watch gilmore girls, a year in the life.

gossip girl – this show is a hot mess but it’s impossible to stop watching. there’s always one plot twist after the next, plus the thanksgiving episodes are always to die for.

new girl – this is honestly my favorite sitcom. I absolutely love the dynamic between these crazy roommates. seasons 4 and 5 had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

jane the virgin – this show has the perfect balance of comedy and drama… it’s essentially a comedic soap opera. these twists will have you racing to start the next episode as fast as you can. by far one of my favorite shows!

reign – if you know anything about mary queen of scots, you know how this 4-season show will end, but I promise this drama will have you wishing there was more to the story.

riverdale – if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, you need to! this retro little town is filled with so many secrets + much mystery, it’ll keep you guessing what could possibly happen next.

stranger things – I just watched this netflix original for the first time earlier this year but I can’t help but be in awe of how well the kids carry this show.

criminal minds – if you’re into (twisted) crime shows, you’ll live for this show. this show is on its fourteenth season right now and I’m currently hoping it never ends. I’m currently watching this one through for the third time because you really never can get enough. you really do come to be emotionally attached to the BAU team (prepare for tears).

mindhunter – if you like criminal minds, you’ll love this nextflix original, which takes you to beginning of criminal profiling. it’s good for a short binge since there’s only one season so far, but season two is in the works!

how to get away with murder – again, if you love twists and mystery, this show is for you! it’s so easy to binge-watch because they flash forward to events that happen that’ll leave you wondering how in the world they got there… so obviously you’ve gotta keep watching to find out!

making a murderer part 2 – I have to admit, it took me until just this past summer to even watch part 1, but now that I have, I am hooked to this story. it’s perfect for a brief binge!

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