the ultimate halloween movie list

I love october because it’s just the beginning of the best time of the year. you better believe that by october 1st my apartment was already decorated, and now that my roommates are getting into the spirit, our collection of halloween decor + jack-o-lanterns is growing by the day. we looooove being festive, and we’ve been making our way through some halloween movies, too, which has inspired me to create the ultimate halloween movie list, ranging from charlie brown to insidious.


it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown! – because duh.

halloweentown 1 & 2 – also a no brainer, if you’re a millennial, you grew up watching  this movie every. frickin. halloween. and with good reason.

hocus pocus – no one yell at me because I am sorely lacking in the movies that I’ve seen, but I have never seen this movie and I think it’s time that changed!

young frankenstein – to get a good laugh in!

the little vampire – because CUTE

capser – the friendliest of ghosts.

the addams family – the family we all know and love.

scream – I’m pretty sure I started out watching these movies with scream 4, and then went back and watched from the beginning. but it’s a halloween classic considering you’re probably going to see at least 50 scream masks each halloween.

the sixth sense – because when is seeing dead people not halloween-y.

halloween (1978) – good ole michael meyers. I’ve seen the remake, but I feel uncultured since I haven’t seen the original. plus, originals are always better!

a nightmare on elm street (1984) – perhaps cheesy as far as special effects go, but a good movie nonetheless. the remake is also good, and the special effects are a little bit better quality lol

the strangers – it’ll make you never want to stay in cabin again, but then again, what horror movie doesn’t.

disturbia – because who doesn’t love shia labeouf and psychopathic serial killers. “just do it,” in the words of mr. labeouf himself.

the final destination series – I love these movies, minus the nudity that’ll pop up out of nowhere. but if you come across a cleaned up version on TV or don’t mind that kind of thing, these movies are a great vibe for halloween.

beetlejuice –  I feel like this one goes without much saying. it’s tim burton, after all.

ghostbusters – because who ya gonna call.

psycho (1960) – a little more old school but whose halloween isn’t complete without a little bit of norman bates?

friday the 13th (1980) – obviously jason needs to be invited to this party too.

texas chainsaw massacre (1974) – texas and thriller/murder movies, two of my favorite things lol

the shining – heeeeere’s johnny!

the exorcist (1973) – a creepy possession classic.

the blair witch project (1999) – teenagers disappearing in the woods? how slenderman-esque. there’s also a 2016 remake.

the conjuring – I have seen this movie more times than I can count. it’s a go-to as far as horror/possession movies go. if you are into this genre of movie, I would recommend it and the movies that followed it. if you want to see the story in order, watch the nun (2018), annabelle: creation (2017), annabelle (2014), the conjuring (2013), and the conjuring 2 (2016). I’ve been told this is the progression of the storyline.

insidious – still one of my favorite horror movies to date. intense, creepy, but captivating.

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