october goals + free habit tracker

I think I say this every month but I can’t believe it’s already OCTOBER! september was bittersweet – life felt like it was trying to beat me up left + right, but so many great things happened too. ps, sorry this is being given to you 10 days into October lol better late than never I guess.

my dad got to come to norman and hang out with me for a weekend because I told him I was feeling kind of homesick. the weekend went by fast but I’ll take any time with my sweet dad.

then I got to go to the arbonne impact tour with one of my teammates + dear friend (who is also a blogger – be sure to check her out at radianthomesco.com) the conference was great – it definitely left me feeling inspired and motivated about my arbonne buisness, which lead me to my next point – I BECAME A DISTRICT MANAGER. for those of you that don’t speak arbonne, this is the 1st of only 4 levels of management within the company. I earned an 8% pay raise and am on track to earn $250-$1,200 a month. A MONTH. which is a huge blessing because ya girl has lots of financial wellness to work on.

it’s crazy how arbonne helps touch on so many areas of wellness – physical, mental/emotional, interpersonal, financial… honestly, it could touch on any area if you wanted it to. intellectual (from learning about the products and why they’re made the way they are) and even spiritual (because I work with some of the most God-fearing women, and I love it!!!)


but anyway – new month, new goals! here are mine for october!

one: workout 3 days a week. this is what I have been doing over the last month, but I want to make sure the routine sticks! I have been feeling so much better since I’ve rebooted my workout routine, but instead of adding more workout days, I want to be sure I can continue to commit to 3. I’m looking to lower my cholesterol (which I will be getting tested again in november) + my body fat percentage (which I’ve been measuring using the InBody machine at my gym).


two: drink more water. I have a new 32oz water bottle so it’s making it easier to drink more water, but I know I’m still not drinking enough. my goal this month is to make sure I drink 3 a day. pretty easy, right?

three: take 2 breaks a day at work. sitting + staring at a computer screen takes a toll on you. now that the weather is starting to cool off, I need to start using my breaks to walk and get some activity throughout the day.

four: do my daily devotionals. I need to be better about working on my spiritual wellness. I love my devotional 100 Days to Brave (it’s been huge in boosting my confidence in my arbonne biz!) and I need to be better about actually being in the Word. they don’t need to be long, but I always feel like I can speak into people better when I am allowing myself to be spoken to!


free printable october 2018 mood and habit trackerfree october mood + habit tracker – printable

get those goals this month!!!

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