how to maintain a healthy diet with a busy schedule

this week it has felt unreal that yet another school year has started that I won’t be attending as a student. I still miss my days of darting across campus and being surrounded by the buzz of my fellow peers despite how slammed I was between classes, homework, and my job(s). however, I found it was that hectic phase of my life that taught me important lessons about how to implement + maintain healthy habits even when I’m running from one thing to the next and don’t always have the time or energy to make a meal on the spot. so today, I’m telling you my favorite ways of keeping a healthy diet + habits! while the title says for “busy schedules,” these are obviously practices anyone can use. these worked for me as both an active, over-scheduled student and as a sedentary, 9-5 young professional.

before I get started, I just want to say it feels so good to be writing again! creativity has felt like it’s been lacking lately which has been a frustration for me. I absolutely love blogging, but I’ve never been good at writing simply for the sake of writing – I’ve always wanted my posts to be something I’m excited about so the words naturally flow. but here I am! out of hiding! writing once more! lol

this post does contain affiliate links, as well as links to my personal Arbonne website. please note that I will earn a commission on any purchases made through these links.


m e a l      p r e p

I already have a more detailed post about my personally perceived pros + cons of meal prepping, but ultimately, this method is what keeps me in line with making sure I’m consuming healthier, more complete meals, as well as staying in line with portion control.

it also keeps me accountable – it keeps me from spending money on easy, fast foods when I know I have food already prepped at home. I can just grab it from the fridge even when I’m rushed in the mornings before work (or when I was crunched for time as a student and only had two hours max at home between classes and work). peep the burrito bowls I made for myself this week:

I really can’t say enough good things about meal prepping. it might feel like a pain when you’re in the kitchen all day Sunday cooking + cleaning, but I promise you – it’s worth it when it’s one less thing you have to worry about during the crazy week and when you get to eat healthier (and feel better for it!)

here are some of my favorite meal prep recipes! the soups might not be ideal if you’re a student that’s going to be carrying food in a backpack half the day, but they’re great for throwing in a crockpot to have ready when you get home after a long day.


s u p p l e m e n t      w i s e l y

I never was very big on supplementation… that was, until I discovered the right kind of supplements that fit my lifestyle. I’m not talking about popping 10 pills first thing in the morning and having to overwhelm myself by trying to actively keep track of a million different vitamins + minerals. warning: shameless Arbonne plug.

if you have me on social media you’re no stranger to the thirty days to healthy living line. I did it myself back in February and to be concise, it changed the way I saw health (even though I have a whole freakin’ DEGREE in health + exercise science).

I find that with busy schedules it’s important to make sure you’re supplementing – in the rush of life where we might be skipping meals or simply not nourishing ourselves the way that we should, so adding products that help boost your diet is not a bad idea, and I found that Arbonne’s products are easy to fit in the busiest of schedules because of how simple and travel-friendly they are. here’s the breakdown of some of my favorite supplement products that have made staying healthy with a busy schedule 10x easier:

PROTEIN: first of all, it tastes like cake batter. but it’s perfect for busy mornings when you feel like you don’t have the time to make breakfast. over 20 vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E and magnesium, to support overall health, energy and well-being. it’s made with pea, rice, and cranberry proteins, so you’ll also get extra servings of fruits + veggies, too.

FIBER BOOST: fun fact – the american adult only consumes about 5 grams of fiber a day out of the 25-30 we’re supposed consume. yikes. fun fact #2 – if we consumed all the fiber we’re supposed to, we’d lose an additional 9 lbs a year. if that’s not motivation to consume more fiber, I don’t know what is. Arbonne’s fiber boost delivers 12g of fiber a scoop, helping you reach your fiber goals, keeping your blood sugar regulated and your gut happy + healthy in the process. odorless, flavorless, gritless so it goes perfectly in that morning shake (:

DIGESTION PLUS: if you feel like your mental health is escaping you in the midst of your crazy schedule, I highly recommend taking steps to improve your gut health. an estimated 90% of your serotonin (aka your happy hormone) is made in your digestive tract!!! that’s why I absolutely swear by this product – prebiotics, probiotics, and 11 digestive enzymes to assist with nutrient absorption, supporting your gut’s good bacteria, and decreased bloating.

ENERGY FIZZ STICKS: busy schedules = exhausting. it’s so so so easy to try and fuel up on coffee and energy drinks, but the energy is usually short lived and often times these drinks are loaded with sugar + artificial sweeteners that are going to leave us with headaches and a sugar crash which really isn’t going to do us much good. these little packets are easy to take on-the-go and are made with green tea, guarana, and B Vitamins for sustainable energy and carb breakdown. if you’re a student, they’re perfect for promoting focus + alertness! pairs amazingly with Arbonne’s mind health.

OTHERS: herbal detox tea, greens balance, 7 day body cleanse, fit chews, vital proteins collagen peptides

the thing to remember with supplementation of any kind is that it’s meant to assist your diet, not replace it. but what I found with Arbonne’s products is that they work to help gently detoxify, help with nutrient absorption, keeping your body’s pH less acidic, and help curve cravings for sugary + junk foods. I personally find these supplements to be perfect for anyone from the busy student who doesn’t always think about taking care of themselves to the sedentary adult who’s striving to stay healthy.


a statistic to keep in mind when it comes to your health is that 80% is composed of what you eat; even weight loss is 80% from diet and only 20% from exercise. don’t get me wrong – exercise is obviously important! but you are ultimately a product of what you eat. hectic schedules have tendencies to wreak havoc on our diets and motivation, making it easy to cave to easy, unhealthy options.

I hope this helped some of you find a solution to any diet struggles you feel like you’re having – I know the frustrations first hand of struggling to take care of myself but feeling like I don’t have the time. for me, it ultimately comes down to being prepared for the week and investing in the supplements that will help fill in the gaps where my diet may be lacking.

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