july goals + habit tracker | healthy tips for your fourth of july celebrations

I’m so sorry that I completely spaced on June’s tracker – if I’m being honest I was very frustrated with myself and the lack of sticking to my goals, so I was nervous to followup. but, in my defense I injured my hip back in the beginning of may which made it hard to workout anything other than arms + core (which got so boring after a while). my hips are finally good enough to implement leg day again, but running is still very much so out of the question. but that to say, I’m back and ready to take control of my health again.

overall, june was a great month. it was my birthday month, and I feel very blessed by my friends and am full of hope and great expectations about what’s to come. but it’s finally hitting me that hard work really does make the dream work, so I’m using July to propel me to where I want to be – when you know, you know, right?

and we have a fun holiday coming up! I love the fourth of july so much, but if you’re trying to be/eat healthier, it can pose some temptations. today I’m talking about a few of the tips + tricks I’ve implemented myself to keep myself on track with my cleaner eating while still getting to indulge and celebrate independence day.


m y     j u l y     g o a l s

goal one: workout 2 days a week. I’m starting small, y’all. I was good about going 3-4 times a week prior to my injury, but unfortunately having to take that unwanted break broke the habit. I’m not limiting myself to 2 times a week, but at the very least I need to start small to build the habit back up. since I still can’t run, I’m going to be primarily focusing on strength/resistance workouts.

goal two: non-negotiables. when it comes to my arbonne business, I’m told time and time again that the best thing to do is write out non-negotiables for the next day and be sure to follow through on them. I know I need to make my self uncomfortable now so I can live a life of comfort later. dreams don’t work unless you do!

goal three: 15 minutes. I recently bought a journaling bible and got the book 100 days to brave by annie f. downs for my birthday. I need to be better about taking at least 15 minutes a day to read/devote to the Lord. while I haven’t really felt like my spiritual wellness is out of whack, I know it’s still important to actively make it a part of my day.

goal four: declutter. I’m getting ready to move next month and while it’s exciting to be going to a new environment (kind of, I’m just moving to a different unit in my current apartment complex lol) but I am in desperate need to get rid of paper/useless clutter. plus, the floors of my closets are 85% clothes that need hanging up. spending 10-20 minutes each evening working on decluttering/packing will help me feel more relaxed + make my life infinitely easier when August rolls around.


img_5992free printable – july mood + habit tracker   |   designed by kate hauser


h e a l t h     t i p s     f o r     t h e     f o u r t h

one: eat your fruits + veggies. bbq is delicious and fun, but I always try and make sure I load up my plate with produce, and here’s why! fruits + veggies are going to help you stay hydrated (namely watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, oranges, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, and bell peppers – to name a few Fourth of July common produce… via healthline). also, with the fiber that’s found in fruits + veggies, you should be kept feeling fuller for longer so you don’t feel as tempted to snack. try eating some fibrous fruits + veggies 30 minutes before indulging in that bbq to keep you from overindulging.

two: get moving. it can be tempting to sit around and snack/talk/drink with friends + family, but staying busy/active will help keep you from mindlessly snacking and help you burn some calories, too. I remember several years ago going to a family reunion-esque fourth of july and we played a few rounds of kickball. not only was it good to move around but it was a great way to socialize with close family and get to know some of my more distant relatives by having a little teamwork/friendly competition going on.

three: avoid sweets. cookies, cakes, sodas, southern sweet tea… it’s delicious, but also going to be what you’ll end up regretting the next day lol I always feel my worst when I’ve overindulged in sugars. I’m not saying to avoid them completely, because it is still a fun day and a time you should feel free to celebrate, but if you really are in the business of trying to eat better, be careful to not get in the mindset that it’s okay to let loose completely. make sure you’re listening to your body – if you don’t feel hungry or feel convicted to avoid those sweet treats, go with your gut. but if you are going to indulge, try giving yourself a limit, halving your serving sizes, or replacing some treats with fruit.

four: limit alcohol. I love a good celebratory drink as much as the next person, but if you’re watching your figure, drinking beer after beer all day long is really going to haunt you. not to mention it’ll dehydrate you, more so if you’re spending lots of time out in the hot southern sun. simply consume in moderation and be sure to drink water + stay hydrated!

five: sunscreen! this one isn’t like the others, but remember that your skin’s health is important too! read my updated post on sunscreens + my favorite products.

ultimately, to me, it’s important to stay on track, but don’t be so harsh on yourself – it is a day to celebrate and have fun! moderation is everything.

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2 thoughts on “july goals + habit tracker | healthy tips for your fourth of july celebrations

  1. I need to post my July goals post too. I’m so behind! But, great post!! I really liked your quote “dreams don’t work unless you do” that is really motivational.


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